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👋 Hey Failories!It’s Nico over here, with some amazing news…

We’ve just launched our first digital product! It’s an eBook called: “Product-Market Fit: Deep-dive into how 7 startups achieved it“.

The 7 startups include some well-known ones, such as Superhuman, ClassPass, and Setapp. Apart from the case studies, the eBook contains a series of explanations on related topics, such as “product-channel fit”, “channel-model fit” and “model-market fit”.

We recently investigated what were the most common failure reasons of our interviewed failed startup founders and found that 34% of startups had shut down due to lack of product-market fit, which is what inspired us to create this eBook.

Note that the eBook isn’t ready yet. November 6th is the estimated launch date. However, the price will soon start to increase, so make sure to purchase it now to get it at the lowest price for being a Failory’s newsletter subscriber.

You can get it on Gumroad for $7 for a limited time!

The Project:

If you’ve been into the newsletter for some weeks, you probably know what’s all this about, as I’ve shared in a previous email the details of the project and requested your feedback.

If you’re new, it’s a project I’m working on with the help of Dru Riley, founder of Trends, and that aims to provide Failories with high-quality content at an affordable price.

Once +130 people had replied to the survey I sent last week, I analyzed the results and found out that “product-market fit” was one of the most voted topics people were interested in learning, and that “eBook” was the second most preferred format for the product.

That’s how I came up with this eBook idea and immediately started working on it.

Once again, here’s the link to it. It is $7 right now, but I’ll be increasing the price soon, so make sure to get it now.

Let me know if you have any kind of feedback or comments around this project or the eBook. I’d love to add anything you think would be helpful.

– Nico