What does it mean to be a stoic?

What does it mean to be a stoic?Being stoic is being calm and almost without any emotion. When you’re stoic, you don’t show what you’re feeling and you also accept whatever is happening. The noun stoic is a person who’s not very emotional. The adjective stoic describes any person, action, or thing that seems emotionless and almost blank.stoicism/ˈstəʊɪsɪz(ə)m/📷Learn to pronouncenoun1.the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint.Similar:patience forbearance resignation lack of protest lack of complaint fortitude endurance acceptance of the inevitable philosophicalness impassivity dispassion phlegm imperturbability calmness coolness cool stolidness Dunkirk spirit unflappability longanimity2.an ancient Greek school of philosophy founded at Athens by Zeno of Citium. The school taught that virtue, the highest good, is based on knowledge; the wise live in harmony with the divine Reason (also identified with Fate and Providence) that governs nature and are indifferent to the vicissitudes of fortune and to pleasure and pain. noun1. patientia2. stoica disciplinehttps://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/bhagwat-gita-seneca-pursuit-of-happiness-5896920/#:~:text=The%20wise%20person%20of%20the%20Stoic%2C%20Seneca%20%E2%80%94%20Sapiens%20%E2%80%94%20embodies,which%20bring%20them%20permanent%20happiness.&text=The%20Sthitaprajna%20becomes%20a%20virtuous,virtuous%20in%20preparation%20for%20death.