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Speaking of which, let’s get to our books of the week!

The Sleep Solution by Chris Winter, M.D.

1-Sentence-Summary: The Sleep Solution improves your quality of life by identifying the myths surrounding rest that keep you from getting more of it, showing you why they’re false, and teaching you how to establish proper sleep hygiene.

  1. If you don’t sleep well, you’re not going to be healthy.
  2. Use the principles of preparation and routine to boost your sleep hygiene.
  3. Insomnia doesn’t come from not enough sleep, it’s more about being frustrated by terrible sleep quality.

If you’re looking for the solution to your sleep problems, this book is for you.

From Here To Financial Happiness by Jonathan Clements

1-Sentence-Summary: From Here To Financial Happiness is your guide to having a healthier relationship with money and shows you how looking to the future to prepare for what’s ahead can make you a lot less stressed about your financial life.

  1. You need to financially prepare for unexpected setbacks, like losing your job.
  2. Because of evolution, you’re less likely to plan and more likely to overindulge, but you can overcome this by thinking ahead.
  3. Lowering your expenses helps your wallet and your health.

If you want to stop stressing so much about what’s in your wallet, this book is for you.

Evicted by Matthew Desmond

1-Sentence-Summary: Evicted reveals the awful situation of those living in the poorest cities in the United States by identifying how this situation came to be, the horrendous effect it has on the individuals and families that deal with it, and what we might do to stop it.

  1. Eviction rates have been rising because of high rent, low salaries, and unemployment.
  2. The stresses and challenges that families who get evicted have to go through are unbearable.
  3. Housing is a civil right and we might be able to give it to everybody by implementing a housing voucher system.

If you’re curious about one of the worst problems in society and how to fix it, this book is for you.

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