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👋 Hey Failories! It’s Nico over here.

On Monday I sent an email asking you for feedback on Failory’s new project, which consists of launching our first digital product. 93 people have replied to it and it’d be incredibly helpful if you do it if you haven’t yet 😉 Here’s the link. I promise it won’t take you more than 1 minute!

Besides that, this week we published two new interviews and carried out our monthly report, which you can find at the bottom of this email. The report was well-received last month so I’ll keep sending them 😉

This newsletter is sponsored by NerdPilots.
INTERVIEWTurning $8k into a $30k/mo Drug and Alcohol Testing BusinessChuck found a gap in the market when he realized that employers were losing time and money having an employee and supervisor go to a clinic to do drug testing. He joined a business competition, ended up in second place, and won an $8k prize, which he used to kickstart a business in this niche. Nowadays, they are making $30,000 a month.
Read More +
SPONSORSHIPWe maintain your WordPress website so you don’t have to.24/7 fast and easy support, backups, data recovery, theme and plugin updates, optimal site security, unlimited fixes and custom development! We have a solution to any WordPress problem. Choose the maintenance plan that works for you and your website.Learn more +
INTERVIEWHow Money Management Killed Adleaf TechnologiesBack in 2013, Chetan Vashistth founded his first startup business called “Adleaf Technologies”, a blend of programming bootcamps and software solutions. Business was good for a while, but the challenge of multiple bad business decisions paired with failed money management proved to be the business’s demise.Read More +
I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s content.

One more time, I insist that it would be really helpful (seriously) if you could reply to our survey. It won’t take you more than 1 minute and it’ll help us build a better digital product that will hopefully solve a challenge you’re facing with your business / projects.

Now let’s get into the promised September’s numbers:

Website traffic:74,983 users43,711 of the users (58.29%) came from Google searches93,342 sessions134,362 page views
Email newsletter:369 new email subscribers117 unsubscribes7166 email subscribers29.14% average open rate3.95% average click rate
Revenue:$240 from newsletter sponsors$925.93 from affiliates (may slightly change)$1,165.93 in total
Expenses:$13.56 is PayPal fees$131.58 in tools (Webflow, Promote Quuu, a WP plugin & Zoho Mail yearly subscription)$154.50 in content writing freelancer$49.57 in outsourced VA work$299 in consulting from Dru Riley$648.21 in total
That’s a profit of $517.72, which I’ll be re-investing in more content creation and future projects. I’m re-investing 100% of the profits as for now 😉 Let me know if you have any comments / suggestions.
That’s all. Hope you have a great weekend.

– Nico

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