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👋 Hey Failories! It’s Nico over here.

I’m sending you this email because I need your help. It won’t take you more than 1 minute (I promise) and it’ll be extremely helpful for Failory.

I’m carrying out a 3-questions survey to get to know your feedback on Failory’s #1 digital product.

The Project

Apart from publishing all the interviews and articles we already have scheduled for the following months, we want to launch some digital products (eBook, course, etc).

Dru Riley, the founder of, a freemium newsletter for entrepreneurs, is helping me create & launch these products, but we wanted you to decide their format and topics (which you can do here).

The first product we’ll launch will be something with high value and a low price (I was thinking about $1). It’ll probably be in the format of an eBook, email course, or audio, though that depends on your feedback.

Let’s Build it Together

One more time, here’s the link to the survey.

My idea is to transparently share the updates of the products within the weekly emails. It’s my first time working on a digital (paid) product and so I think it’ll be interesting to see me commit some mistakes 😉

I want to make something that helps many people within the list and has an affordable price. Being from Argentina, I know how expensive can digital products sometimes be, so I’ll be put all my efforts into making something with a great price/value relation.

That’s all. If, apart from the survey, you want to help me with some more feedback/recommendations, please reply to this email. I’ll make sure to give something back to you once we launch the first product 😉

– Nico