20. World Alzheimer’s Month – 1-30 September

20. World Alzheimer’s Month – 1-30 September


This month is celebrated to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: Mind exercises to keep your brain active at any age
  • Infographic idea: X Signs of Alzheimer’s you shouldn’t ignore
  • Video idea: How does Alzheimer’s change the brain?
  • Podcast idea: Can physical exercise help in combating Alzheimer’s?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video from Lee Health seeks to differentiate between two conditions – Alzheimer’s and Dementia – that might seem alike but are not.

21. Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month  1-30 September


This day is commemorated to raise awareness about leukemia and lymphoma.

Content marketing opportunities:

  • Listicle idea: X Places where you can volunteer to cheer up people with cancer
  • Infographic idea: What to eat and what to avoid if you have leukemia/lymphoma
  • Video idea: What is the difference between leukemia and lymphoma?
  • Podcast idea: Is it possible to completely cure cancer?