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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

How Breathing Exercises Can Help You Stay Calm During the Pandemic

When you’re feeling anxious, start by taking long, slow breaths.


How Self-Compassion Can Make Us More Confident and Productive

It can completely change the way you feel about your work.


How to Navigate the “Exploratory Phase” of Your Career Without Stress

Experts say that being unsure of your next move isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


What I’ve Learned From Rediscovering a Childhood Hobby 

My mother’s routines taught me so much.


The Power of Focusing on the Upside of Being Single

Taking time for introspection and self-discovery can be incredibly meaningful.

M O R E   G R E A T  R E A D S 

How Self-Compassion Can Make Us More Confident and Productive at Work

Why Adding a Human Layer Is the Key to the “Great Reset”

A Guide to Heading Back to School During a Pandemic

Yes, Climate Change Is a Water Crisis Too

What We Need to Remember When It Comes to Virtual Learning

I'm an image

In this episode of “Meditative Story,” concert pianist Lang Lang explores the mindset reframe that inspired his journey to becoming a true musician: that being a student of arts and culture is more important than hard work alone. Click here to listen and subscribe.

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