Salt in the Himalayas via pnuts newsletter

Salt in the Himalayas

(Yawar Nazir via Getty Images)

  • India is strengthening its troops and infrastructure along the disputed Himalayan border after renewed clashes between Chinese and Indian troops. Reports coming in over the weekend said hundreds of China’s People’s Liberation Army soldiers had attempted to move forward to strategic points on the southern banks of Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh. 
  • One Indian soldier, a member of the elite army unit that patrols the Himalayan border, was said to have died in a mine blast on Sunday near the disputed area of Pangong Lake. India condemned what officials described as “provocative military movements” that violated the ongoing consensus to disengage. 
  • China countered, claiming India had “grossly violated” its territorial integrity and “illegally trespassed” across the disputed border, known as the Line of Actual Control. China also denied that any Indian soldier had died. Months of diplomatic and military-level talks between the two nuclear-armed powers have failed to defuse the confrontations in Ladakh, which began in May. (Guardian)