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September 02, 2020

FROM THE ARCHIVESThe Box That Fell From the SkyIn 1962, in the woods outside Moncton, New Brunswick, David McPherson Sr. found a very large white box adorned with some very large lenses. McPherson had theories on what the box might be, but passed away without getting clear answers. It remained a mystery until 2017, when declassified CIA documents confirmed his suspicions.READ MORE →
SPONSORED BY COLE HAANOn the Run: NYCA run through New York City demands a delicate balance: Zoning out versus keeping your eyes peeled. Put on your running shoes and try this unique 5-stop route to discover a few gems of the city hidden in plain sight.LEARN MORE →
HELSINKI, FINLANDAsemapäällikönhovi BuildingThis building featuring Brutalist architecture has a rich media production history. It was home to a large television studio inaugurated by the Mayor of Helsinki in 1976, and in 1978, it produced the first subscription-based TV channel in Europe.READ MORE →
ATLAS OBSCURA EXPERIENCESFan Favorites WeekLed by some of the most fascinating experts and entertainers on the planet, our online experiences have explored everything from dinosaurs to art heists. Now, for one week starting September 21, we’re bringing back 10 of our best-selling, best-reviewed experiences. Whether it’s meeting the supernatural cats of Japan or learning how to harness the power of fermentation, there’s bound to be a unique experience for you to enjoy from home.LEARN MORE →
DIY Butterfly GardenWhen the world went into lockdown, many people turned to baking or gardening as an outlet. Rizwan Mithawala took it one step further—his lockdown project was to tend to a butterfly garden, eight floors up and not far from the busy Mohammed Ali Road in South Mumbai.READ MORE →
MANHATTAN, NEW YORKCity Hall StationThe first New York City subway opened on October 27, 1904, to the joy of New York elevated train and streetcar riders, and was lavished with fine architectural details, including glass tiles and large chandeliers. Its beauty couldn’t save it, however, and by 1945, it was abandoned.READ MORE →
Statue DebateIn 2020, the historic Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, removed four statues from their front entrance. These statues, sometimes referred to as the “Shelbourne Four,” depict two Egyptian women and two Nubian women. The response has been mixed: to some, two of the statues reference the transatlantic slave trade, in which Ireland was complicit. Others see them as purely an homage to 19th-century French art.READ MORE →
CEDAR, MICHIGANSugar Loaf Ski LodgeThis shuttered ski lodge is still filled with hastily-scribbled paperwork, snow-stained lift tickets, slightly-faded race bibs, and sun-washed vintage posters. It feels like it was instantly abandoned, leaving an ever-present snapshot of that moment in history.READ MORE →
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