Umbrella Academy: 10 Of The Best Quotes From Season 1

Umbrella Academy: 10 Of The Best Quotes From Season 1

The Umbrella Academy wowed audiences with its first season and delivered a number of very memorable quotes in the process. Here are 10 of the best.BY KRISTEN PALAMARA8 HOURS AGO

The Umbrella Academy follows a group of superpowered siblings who were all adopted by an eccentric billionaire after being born under unusual circumstances on the same day, based on the comic of the same name. The show balances drama, action, and comedy well, and each of the main characters and supporting characters have strong personalities making the dialogue on the show witty and at times profound.

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Although The Umbrella Academy recently released its successful second season there are still some great lines that are either hilarious or emotionally charged throughout the first season that shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten.

10We Didn’t Choose This Life, We’re Just Living In It.

The Umbrella Academy Five Season 1 and 2

Five has led a very weird life, arguably the weirdest of all the siblings allowing him to steal the show from time to time, and he’s learned to just go along with whatever comes next.

Five has a difficult time getting his family to believe his story about the incoming apocalypse as they all think what he’s saying is too outrageous and farfetched. He argues with this line, saying that their lives have always been insane and this shouldn’t be a surprise to them.

9I Need A Hit Of Sucrose.

The Umbrella Academy - Hazel and Cha-Cha

It’s clear from the beginning of his introduction that Hazel is not happy about how things are going with his job at The Commission.

He’s easily irritated and seems to be done with the hitman game, but he doesn’t know how to quit The Commission or his partner Cha Cha. He tends to stress eat and enjoy his sweets becoming enamored with Agnes and the donuts at Griddy’s.

8We’re All Looking For Happy.

Aidan Gallagher as Five and Kate Walsh as Handler in Umbrella Academy

The Handler reaches out to Five and wants him to come back to The Commission. She tries to get him to come back for a promotion to be in management instead of a hitman.

She tells him he could be happy there and they could age him back to his older self. He says he’s not looking for happy, which is another look into his character and has the audience feeling bad for him, and The Handler comes back with this line.

7You Are Depriving Some Village Of Their Idiot.

The Umbrella Academy Klaus Luther Diego

Klaus returns from time traveling to Vietnam and has a difficult time adjusting between the horrors of war and losing the man he loved, Dave. He tells Diego to take him to a bar for Veterans as he looks for a photo of him and Dave, but the other patrons are upset they are there assuming that Klaus isn’t a Vet.

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Klaus gets upset and says the hilarious line that he’s sorry that the man must be depriving some village of their idiot, which begins a fight between the bar and the two brothers.

6Everyone I Like Is Already Dead.

Klaus asks Diego to tie him up so he can get sober and hopefully see Dave again in the afterlife when he has a clear head. Klaus jokes that the two brothers are finally spending time together just in time for the end of the world to happen and Diego quips back with this line saying might as well hang out with him because he has no one left.

It’s a sad line and difficult to hear, but it does show Diego’s brooding nature and the pain he is in after losing Detective Patch and Grace.

5Eternal Peace Is Probably Overrated.

Umbrella Academy Klaus powers explained

Klaus delivers this throwaway line that is very in character for him as he convinces himself to get high again instead of facing the spirits that haunt him. The small line in the first season becomes funnier after Klaus’ second season arch was revealed when he accidentally became a cult leader.

Klaus saying that eternal peace is probably overrated only to become a religious cult symbol in the second season is foreshadowing and irony at its finest.

4There’s No Such Thing As Good Guys Or Bad Guys, There’s Just People.

Five in Umbrella Academy

Five tells Luther the truth about what he did at The Commission and Luther is appalled that he was a hitman and questions Five on his morals. Five responds with this line and Luther is concerned that Five has become too callous and logical in his old age.

It’s an intriguing quote that gives Five a good character-building moment as the audience hears some of his philosophy about his situation.

3If You Believe In Yourself Once, Just Once, Great Things Are Gonna Happen For You.

The Umbrella Academy - Leonard Peabody

Leonard tells this line to Vanya to try to convince her to believe in herself more. It’s a great sentiment that most people should keep in mind when they’re not feeling confident in themselves.

Although it’s delivered with ulterior motives as Leonard is manipulating Vanya, the greater sentiment of the line still rings true for Vanya and anyone else who needs a reminder.

2I Had A Bad Twinkie In The Apocalypse Once, It Kind Of Put Me Off Dessert.

Five The Umbrella Academy

The Handler asks if Five wants a dessert and he quips back with this line. Although every sibling has their funny moments, Five has some of the funnier one-liners throughout the first season and this is one of them.

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He has already mentioned to his family that the rumor that Twinkies don’t have an expiration date is false so this line is a callback to an earlier joke as well.

1We Get To Go To Exotic Places, Meet New People, And Then Kill Them.

Cha Cha is trying to get Hazel to stay on the job as a hitman for The Commission by convincing him that they have the best job in the world. Hazel has been unhappy with his job since the beginning of the season, but Cha Cha is still content and wants him to stay as her partner.

She tries to convince him by saying this line, which is pretty hilarious and does sum up what they do, but it doesn’t work on Hazel.