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Stanford Business88f9ed3f-5d52-4f81-a045-1c9f0d5d9d8e.gifAugust 30, 2020

Big DataHow Segregated Are We?Using GPS data to analyze people’s movements, Stanford researchers found that in most U.S. metropolitan areas, people’s day-to-day experiences are less segregated than traditional measures suggest.Read More LeadershipThe Strategic Importance of EmpathyThe key to dealing with difficult people is learning to widen your perspective.Watch More PersuasionHow Redefining “Normal” Can Alter BehaviorStanford researchers use the concept of “dynamic norms” to persuade diners to eat less meat.Read More  Social ImpactMaker: AIDS Memorial Quilt — Sewing as a Catalyst for Change“My greater hope,” Mike Smith says, “is that people will see what we’re doing and realize that they, too, can do something worthwhile — that it’s easy to be helpful if you want to be.”Read More  CommunicationQuick Think: How to Use Body Language When Confronting ObjectionsIn this bonus episode, Stanford GSB lecturers share advice on how to position yourself when met with skepticism from your audience.Listen In