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August 25, 2020
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Targeted marketing campaigns are the key to capturing the at-home consumer

Brand manufacturers and retailers will have to work together in response to long-lasting shifts in consumer behavior produced by COVID-19.

by Derek Baker and Matt Egol


How businesses can fast-track innovation to help during a crisis

“Unrealistic” timelines can actually work. Here’s how.

by Chris Foster

Featured article

Sustaining productivity in a virtual world

Maintaining productivity levels among remote employees is an enduring challenge. Here are five ways to help people and businesses thrive in the post-pandemic world of work.

by Nele Van Buggenhout, Soraya Murat, and Tom de Sousa

PwC insights

How business can emerge stronger: CEO Panel Survey

Reflections on emerging business models and key trends resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Most popular

Four questions to ask before you plan your next meeting

Good meetings need to be designed, whether they are virtual or face-to-face.

by Elizabeth Doty

Seven myths of business experimentation

Disciplined, rigorous testing of ideas and strategies is fundamental to innovation, but businesses are often held back by misconceptions.

by Stefan H. Thomke

Why corporate purpose statements often miss their mark

Analysis of nearly 2,000 CEOs’ description of their company’s purpose reveals that most omit a critical detail: why their company is in business.

by Christopher Michaelson, Douglas A. Lepisto, and Michael G. Pratt