God is…

God is Indivisible One, and is indivisibly in each one and everything.
What is it then that causes apparent divisions? There are no divisions as such, but there is an appearance of separateness because of ignorance. This means that everything is of ignorance and that every one is Ignorance personified.
A drop in an ocean is not separate from the ocean. It is a bubble over the drop that gives it an appearance of separateness, but when the bubble bursts the drop is not, and the indivisible ocean is.
When the bubble of ignorance bursts the self realizes its oneness with the indivisible Self.
[THE EVERYTHING AND THE NOTHING By Meher Baba. Avatar Meher Baba Trust eBook June 2011 Copyright © 1963 Meher House Publications, Beacon Hill, Australia Copyright © 1989 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, India]