14. International Day of Friendship – 30th July

International Day of Friendship

This day is celebrated to honor those friends in your life that have made all the difference.

Content marketing ideas:    

  • Listicle idea: X Places to visit with friends once the lockdown is lifted
  • Infographic idea: Foods that are perfect for snacking with your friend
  • Video idea: X Best movies about friendships you should watch
  • Podcast idea: How honest should you be with your friends?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video from UNICEF shows them partnering with BTS to show the power of kindness and friendship to heal people.

15. World Day against Trafficking in Persons – 30th July

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and for the promotion and protection of their rights.

Content marketing ideas:

  • Listicle idea: X Industries where human trafficking is rampant
  • Infographic idea:  How can you spot and stop human trafficking?
  • Video idea: Stories of survivors of sex trafficking you must hear
  • Podcast idea: Why are children particularly vulnerable to human trafficking?

Brand campaign that worked:

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) observed the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by organizing a wide range of events around the globe to highlight this heinous crime.

Interesting Days to Remember in July2020

As the pandemic continues to restrict our plans, global days and celebrations offer positive, near future events to focus on. Below are the key global days this July, accompanied by selected educational resources. Click the title of each day for detailed explanations and further resources.
4th July – International Day of Cooperatives 
This year’s theme is ‘cooperatives for climate action’.

  • Explore climate protection projects run by cooperatives around the world using this interactive map.
  • Read these 12 examples of how cooperatives in different sectors, across the globe, can support SDG12 by boosting sustainable consumption and production.

5th July – Asalha Puja / Dharma Day
A Buddhist celebration where people show gratitude to Buddha and other enlightened teachers for sharing their understanding.

  • Explore this illustrated overview of Buddhism and quiz from BBC Bitesize (for KS2).
  • Watch this video on life as a Buddhist by BBC Bitesize (for year 10 and 11).

11th July – World population Day

  • Use the ‘worldmapper’ website to illustrate global population differences to students in a clear, visual way. This tool shows a range of maps where countries sizes reflect specific population details, including coronavirus cases among other things.
  • Explore the impacts of the rapidly increasing human population, combined with growing rates of consumption, on health, well-being, and the environment with these 3 lesson plans from the British Council in partnership with The Royal Society (for KS2 and 3).

18th July – Nelson Mandela Day
With the current wave of global anti-racism protests highlighting the vital need for solidarity and action to end poverty and injustice, this day is a particularly important event.

30th July – World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 

  • Learn about slavery, past and present, through these 7 excellent lesson plans on ‘Ending Slavery: An unfinished business’ from the Citizenship Foundation.
  • Encourage empathy through these stories from children who have been victim to trafficking, provided by the UN.

Also on the 30th July – International Friendship Day 
This day aims to bridge the gaps between factors such as race, language and culture.