Out of sight above us swarms of insects are riding their own mass-transit system | Aeon Videos

Out of sight above us swarms of insects are riding their own mass-transit system

Source: Out of sight above us swarms of insects are riding their own mass-transit system | Aeon Videos

10 People Stranger Than The Fictional Characters They Inspired – Listverse

Stories have to be bound by logic. Life does not. Authors usually draw upon interesting personalities for inspiration. For these ten people, the writers

Source: 10 People Stranger Than The Fictional Characters They Inspired – Listverse

Varieties of disbelief by Seth Godin

Varieties of disbelief

Everyone, without exception, has found some things to not believe in. Things that are demonstrably true that we just don’t want to accept.

A bit like a fingerprint, each person’s pattern of disbelief is probably unique. You might believe that water is made of atoms, but that the moon is made of cheese. It’s hard to predict.

But the interesting question is: What has to happen for you to change your mind? What standard of proof, from what source, is sufficient for us to accept that something we’re sure wasn’t true, is true?

That’s a great place to begin.

SEASONED nuts quotable

“Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern. The machinery of government is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.” – Frank Herbert

Ask yourself: What are you grateful for?

Ask yourself: What are you grateful for?

“I already feel like I hit the action.”

Her acknowledgment become a stupendous instance of the historic religious precept that anyone trying to find uplift in an nervousness-crammed apple might believe. Ask yourself a simple query:

if your listing is brief — “My health, my household” — I get it. What may be greater worthwhile, particularly now? however feel more durable. raising your gratitude video game can make you suppose happier all over these unsettled instances. remaining yr, back certainly one of my yoga college students quipped, “It’s unimaginable to be grateful and unhappy at the equal time,” I had no idea how correct she became.

lifestyles is uniquely challenging right now. when unsettling news concerning the pandemic or protests pins me to my chair, acknowledgment offers me lower back my vigor. I remind myself of how grateful i m for my potent, luminous sons; for each box, can and canteen in my abdomen; for poor however lengthy-late conversations sparked with the aid of our couthie amends challenges; for the absurd great thing about birds, vegetation and timber that greet my stroll; and — certainly — for my youngster grandson’s gorgeousness on FaceTime. actuality grateful shortens my freakouts and rivets my attention on what matters during this moment.

So why does acknowledgment so regularly baffle us? For starters, best of us get an even bigger bang out of actuality miserable than we recognise. It’s animal nature to captivate on issues which are broken while almost glancing at all that’s working. Wasn’t bitching about actuality banned from eating places and bars greater enjoyable than noting culinary competencies we acid and gas and money we adored via cooking and cloudburst for ourselves? plus, all and sundry’s approaching feels unclear. Shoved out of our routines and shaken with the aid of a normally altering apple, we be anxious about horrors that might emerge next ages — or within the next few hours. If that weren’t ample, it’s challenging actuality beholden if you’re in mourning. It’s been short months considering the fact that we were unceremoniously booted from the associations that moor us: faculties, churches, offices, gyms. alike with restricted access to these enterprises now, most of us still ache the demise of our former lives — despite the fact that in February we couldn’t cease accusatory.

all-embracing acknowledgment probably sounds not possible should you’re involved about your loan charge, bisected-empty refrigerator or the unclear fitness of you or your family. even these with considerable resources are abashed via this moment’s asperous unpredictability, by using how at once their angle shifts amid afraid acceptance and coast despair. My chum Mary Jo, a lifelong swimmer, likens it to bobbing in gigantic waves at the seaside. back fear and uncertainty attempt her below the floor, she says, she armament her head aloft baptize — until an additional wave engulfs her, “appropriation me up after which affairs me under, so regularly that i m wondering, ‘back is this activity to end?’” That’s back she remembers all that she’s grateful for. “if you hold using the after-effects, it ultimately takes you to the bank,” Mary Jo explains. “To strong floor.”

Yet for hundreds of thousands this present day, that floor feels like quicksand. Which brings us to what many of us see as a huge block to acknowledgment: It appears dismal, celebrating what s good to your life back so many are suffering. day by day, we take in information stories, stressful photographs and personal stories of animality, arrogance and heartbreaking human and financial losses. These harsh realities dampen the impulse to factor out, alike to ourselves, our benefits.

but animal life is at all times uncertain. We overlook how frequently and the way all at once even alarming losses morph into appropriately unforeseen abundance. Wallowing in depression over other people’s pain does nothing to assist them or you. numerous spiritual teachings indicate that focusing on the first rate in your existence creates more affluence. So if you can help somebody in need, offer a beginning grownup or retail employee a generous tip, or contribute cash or time to agencies assisting the challenging-hit, do it — and suppose beholden for actuality blessed to be in a position to assist. empathy for others doesn’t require axis your again on gifts that might carry you now.

acknowledgment can be a balm on the worst times, as my pal Natalie can adjure. In , she became shocked to find herself accepting the premier time at an unexpected vicinity — her cherished mother’s funeral. in the beginning, Natalie, , acquainted responsible for enjoying seeing long-far away family and laughing at amusing reports she had on no account heard about her mother. then she accomplished, “The unpleasant factor had happened, and there changed into annihilation I may do about it.” What she may do, Natalie says, turned into include the fact that “decent issues can take place in the middle of contaminated things — and there’s no answerability to be had.”

“individuals believe when whatever contemptible happens, the only affect you’re accustomed to accept is disappointment or anger,” Natalie says. “if you wait except you get previous difficult instances to reside your life, you’ll not ever are living your life. … as a result of there’s always whatever awful going on.”

No kidding. Waldorf spouse and mom Timika Powell, , lives with a rare variety of multiple sclerosis. If any person has the appropriate to surrender gratitude, it’s her. A self-described survivor of “more messed-up situations lots of people couldn’t come returned from,” Powell changed into abandoned by way of her folks at age , aloft by using a morbidly obese grandmother for whom the boyish Powell had to administrate drugs and insulin, and raped at — on Christmas Day — by using a about who begun molesting her when she become .

If that wasn’t enough trauma for one lifetime, Powell, a former military reserves human elements expert who becoming degrees in nursing and accounts, skilled years of complicated symptoms, together with curler-coaster weight adjustments and a bout of amaurosis before medical doctors diagnosed MS. by then, Powell became numb from the close bottomward and in want of a wheelchair. Now, afterwards remedy and therapy, “now not best can i stand on my own, but i will stroll assisted down my driveway,” she says. “I’m past beholden.”

So what s she most thankful for? “My babies,” says Powell, who became informed as a boyhood that her pelvic anarchic disease would prevent her from accepting a toddler. “Now I even have six. With every thing I’ve passed through, guess who’s been right there in my corner?” now not one of her infants, a while , , , and – months-historic twins, “has even once ended the college year with under a . general,” she says. better of all? “My kids tell individuals, ‘My mom doesn’t surrender so I gained’t either.’”

requested this acknowledgment celeb’s favourite tip and she doesn’t alternate: “adulation your self aboriginal.” actual giant trauma and “the dark, darkish, dark, darkish days” that followed taught Powell that few of us keep in mind the “cocky-antisocial inner choir” that haunt us. “however we all the time have a call to do anything about them,” she insists, “even though it’s so simple as just accepting a dialog with a person.”

There are countless anchorage to gratefulness. My health teach chum Jonathan makes use of his morning stroll as a vehicle. “As soon as I begin the front aperture, I originate with, “I’m beholden for …, and say some thing’s in my mind,” explains Jonathan, . He doesn’t stop recounting his advantages except he has circled the entire block. My core son, Darrell, begun his personal pleasing gratitude practice, “ for ,” whereas separating along with his roommate in los angeles. Nightly at p.m., he units a timer for seven account and makes use of the time to checklist everything he’s grateful for. “when things launch to get dark and the walls shut in, I need to re-center myself,” he says. “The most useful approach is to thank God, the universe, whoever’s alert. … I’m at all times shocked by using how without delay the seven account passes. but again I recognize there’s under no circumstances enough time within the day to assert the entire things I may still be pleased about.”

between our vanished previous and unpredictable approaching lies a awareness: All we ve is now. second via second, I’m recognizing that gratitude is a choice — and a challenging one in an international through which fear, anxiousness, abuse and frustration are perpetually offered to me. No matter what’s happening, I are trying to remember what psalm : suggests: “this is the day that the aristocrat has made.” Why not try to “rejoice and be blissful in it?” making a choice on pleasure over pain and concern on every occasion possible doesn’t simply look brilliant — it’s fit. being beholden has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiousness and to raise immunity. Who doesn’t need that now?

For every reason behind ingratitude, locate some thing to be pleased about: You’re alive. The planet that suffered a century-long beatdown via humans just acquired a little bit of a destroy. while apartment, many people found out base, competencies, persistence, independence and knowledge in ourselves and spouse and children we never knew existed. I’m beholden for every reputedly fit soul who finds masks-donning a ache but who wears one anyhow in accessible spaces to offer protection to others with much less-robust allowed programs. and that i’m acutely beholden that not like communicable citizenry in centuries past, I actually have lots of options: gazing new films and ancient episodes of “Frasier,” appliance, demography courses, accepting virtual cocktail events and attending abbey on Zoom. I’m enjoying FaceTiming with relatives lots of afar away and demography lengthy walks with each socially distanced pals and the bedmate whose once-insane commute time table acclimated to bother me.

however sufficient about me. yet again, with feeling:

Donna Britt, a above Washington publish columnist, is the author of “Brothers and Me: a tale of loving and Giving.”

Uddhav Thackeray govt to pay Rs 50,000 to each HC judge for spectacles

In a resolution, the MVA government in Maharashtra has approved an allowance of Rs 50000 annually for the spectacles of judges and their family members. | OpIndia News

Source: Uddhav Thackeray govt to pay Rs 50,000 to each HC judge for spectacles

Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Popular Action Movies – Listverse

When it comes to action movies, bigger is always better. For this reason, directors must seek out new and exciting ways to create massive explosions, car,

Source: Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Popular Action Movies – Listverse


Part of speech: noun
Origin: Italian, mid-17th century

An archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants.

Examples of Pergola in a sentence

“The wedding took place under the pergola covered in ivy and white flowers.”

“The only thing left in the garden was the wooden pergola.”

Ethical Alliance Daily News

Ethical Alliance Daily News

United Kingdom: Judge orders seizure of £5m London flat linked to Petrobras scandal
Jul 21, 2020 06:00 pm
A high court judge has allowed the seizure of a £5m luxury London apartment allegedly bought by a Brazilian businessman using “corrupt funds” linked to the multibillion-dollar Petrobras “Operation Carwash” money-laundering scandal. Judge Johannah Cutts accepted that, as part of an investigation, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) could seize a
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United States: U.S. sanctions additional Chinese companies, alleging human rights violations in Xinjiang region
Jul 21, 2020 05:30 pm
The United States on Monday announced sanctions against a new group of Chinese companies for alleged involvement in human rights violations in China’s Xinjiang region, accusing the firms of supporting a “campaign of repression” against Uighurs and other minority groups. The Commerce Department added 11 companies to a trade blacklist over the
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United States: Puerto Rico governor, others face formal corruption probe
Jul 21, 2020 05:00 pm
Puerto Rico’s governor and other top officials on Monday became the formal targets of an in-depth government investigation into recent corruption allegations. The U.S. territory’s Special Independent Prosecutor’s Panel agreed to probe the allegations against Gov. Wanda Vázquez and others following a referral from the island’s Department of Justice that
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Hong Kong: Global banks scrutinize their Hong Kong clients for pro-democracy ties
Jul 21, 2020 04:30 pm
Global wealth managers are examining whether their clients in Hong Kong have ties to the city’s pro-democracy movement, in an attempt to avoid getting caught in the crosshairs of China’s new national security law, according to six people with knowledge of the matter. Bankers at Credit Suisse Group AG, HSBC
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Saudi Arabia: Saudi social media campaign targets former crown prince
Jul 21, 2020 04:00 pm
Saudi Twitter users have sent thousands of tweets accusing the kingdom’s former crown prince and his long-time aide of corruption, in what two Saudi sources said was a campaign to discredit him ahead of a possible indictment, as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman moves to sideline rivals to the throne.
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Russia: Kremlin critic Navalny says fines force him to close anti-corruption foundation
Jul 21, 2020 03:30 pm
Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny said on Monday he would shut down his Anti-Corruption Foundation due to hefty court fines imposed over one of its investigations but would try to re-launch it under a new name. The foundation has specialized in publishing high-impact investigations into what is says is official
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An intelligent man believes only half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half. (Even Esar)

How Harvard’s Star Computer-Science Professor Built a Distance-Learning Empire | The New Yorker

David Malan, of the hit class CS50, was working to perfect online teaching long before the pandemic. Is his method a model for the future of higher education?

Source: How Harvard’s Star Computer-Science Professor Built a Distance-Learning Empire | The New Yorker