7 Places to Glimpse Maine’s Rich Railroad History: 50 States of Wonder – Atlas Obscura

via 7 Places to Glimpse Maine's Rich Railroad History: 50 States of Wonder - Atlas Obscura

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 July 15, 2020  FINANCE Post-pandemic Retirement: Can We Build More Resilient Systems? Separating employment from pensions and benefits, working longer to tame longevity risk, and expanding financial literacy will be critical, says Wharton’s Olivia S. Mitchell. READ MORE  PUBLIC POLICY A Return to ‘Normal’: How Long Will the Pandemic Last? During a … Continue reading Knowledge@Wharton Newsletter

Today’s Inspirational Quote:

Today's Inspirational Quote: "If your parents ever measured you as a child, they had you stand against a wall, and made a little pencil mark on the wall to show your growth. They did not measure you against your brother, or the neighbor's kids, or kids on TV. When you measure your growth, make sure … Continue reading Today’s Inspirational Quote:

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Did you know... ... that today is the birthday of the Airport Hotel? The first airport hotel, the Oakland Airport Inn, opened in Oakland, California, on this day in 1929. Trivia fans: Today, the building that housed the Oakland Airport Inn is home to the Amelia Earhart Senior Squadron 188, a local unit of the … Continue reading Did you know…

What’s your story? by Seth Godin via his newsletter

What’s your story? If you care about it, it’s probably a story. Whether you did well on the job interview. The results of your work to find resources to feed the hungry. Your efforts to engage with your teenagers… We remember Bastille Day, not because we were there, but because the story resonates with us. … Continue reading What’s your story? by Seth Godin via his newsletter

Today in History, July 14

via Today in History, July 14 1997 - Four Australians died and 70 were injured when a bridge collapsed at the 15th Maccabiah Games More HIGHLIGHTS IN HISTORY ON THIS DATE 1544 - England's King Henry VIII crosses to Calais to join Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in a campaign against France's King Francis I … Continue reading Today in History, July 14

Today in history India 14 July | On this day special in history in india

Famous people that have birthdays on this day in history 14 July 1945-Shiv Nadar,Indian billionaire industrialist and philanthropist. 1950-Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, mechanical engineer, billionaire industrialist, the founder chairman of GMR Group. 1954-R. Sarathkumar, Indian film actor, politician, journalist and former body builder and former president of the South Indian Film Artistes’ Association. 1954-Tanikella Bharani,Indian film … Continue reading Today in history India 14 July | On this day special in history in india

” Zohnerism ” AND WhatsApp Viral University.

" Zohnerism " - That's what we generally go through on TV news channels. Why we need to avoid watching too much of breaking news & panel discussions on Indian TV news channels nowadays! Especially local channels. The notorious concept of Zohnerism Zohnerism - all about twisting of simple facts to confuse people. In 1997, … Continue reading ” Zohnerism ” AND WhatsApp Viral University.

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मय्यासक्तमनाः पार्थ योगं युञ्जन्मदाश्रयः । असंशयं समग्रं मां यथा ज्ञास्यसि तच्छृणु ॥ भावार्थ : श्री भगवान बोले- हे पार्थ! अनन्य प्रेम से मुझमें आसक्त चित तथा अनन्य भाव से मेरे परायण होकर योग में लगा हुआ तू जिस प्रकार से सम्पूर्ण विभूति, बल, ऐश्वर्यादि गुणों से युक्त, सबके आत्मरूप मुझको संशयरहित जानेगा, उसको सुन॥1॥


WORD OF THE DAY Breviloquent brə-VIL-ə-kwent Part of speech: adjective Origin: Latin, mid-19th century 1 (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words; concise. Examples of Breviloquent in a sentence "Usually he was breviloquent, but he went into great detail when describing his favorite book." "If you find it hard to be breviloquent, ask someone … Continue reading WORD OF THE DAY

14 Coronavirus myths busted by science | Live Science

via 14 Coronavirus myths busted by science | Live Science As the novel coronavirus continues to infect people around the world, news articles and social media posts about the outbreak continue to spread online. Unfortunately, this relentless flood of information can make it difficult to separate fact from fiction — and during a viral outbreak, … Continue reading 14 Coronavirus myths busted by science | Live Science

Ethical Alliance Daily News

Ethical Alliance Daily News United Kingdom: Former Unaoil managers convicted in Britain of Iraq bribery Jul 14, 2020 06:00 pm Two former managers of Monaco-based energy consultancy Unaoil have been convicted in Britain of bribing Iraqi officials to clinch lucrative oil projects as the war-ravaged country tried to boost exports after the fall of Saddam … Continue reading Ethical Alliance Daily News

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. Are you interested in exploring new markets for your product or service Apply for one of our Global Launch programs, designed to help you hone in on your go-to-market strategy and walk away with the frameworks and tools needed to scale in new markets. Global Launch San Francisco This program helps seed and pre-series … Continue reading 500 Startups newsletter

7. World Youth Skills Day – 15th July

This day is celebrated to bring to light the mechanisms needed to operationalize lifelong learning. Content marketing ideas:     Listicle idea: X Institutes in India that teach technical skills Infographic idea: X Skills you must learn before you turn 18 Video idea: Here’s how you can make it a practice to learn a new skill every month Podcast idea: How … Continue reading 7. World Youth Skills Day – 15th July