I hope you had a nice week. Before we both enter into the well-deserved weekend, I’m herewith sharing some startup-related stories and opportunities that might be interesting to you. 🙂

Motivating TED Talks: Are you struggling to keep up your motivation while working remotely? Here are 10 motivational TED talks to kick your ass while loosing motivation during home office.

Offline Events: We just did a little poll on LinkedIn asking when people expect larger/international tech events to be possible again (offline). So far, 255 people voted. 13% believe it’s possible in Q4 of this year, 19% believe it’s possible in January-February of 2021, 31% voted for March-April 2021, and 37% believe that it will take until May 2021 or even later. What do you think?

Tokenomica is now allowing European startups to attract funds via private equity crowdfunding. The platform is currently offering a special opportunity to launch your campaign free of charge, and additionally, Tokenomica will spend up to €5,000 on the promotion of one selected campaign.

Lithuania & Latvia: Our contributor Elena just published two very interesting articles, providing an overview regarding the startup ecosystem in Lithuania and in Latvia. Two up and coming tech and innovation hubs to keep an eye on.

Sales & Marketing by Aexus: With Europe opening up again, many tech and software companies are keen to re-ignite or accelerate their sales and marketing activities, but are unsure how to proceed in the post-COVID, ‘new normal’ world. Aexus is ready to help!

Impact Investing: Shortly before her well-deserved summer holidays, my colleague Charlotte interviewed Paula Groves from the London-based VC firm Impact X. Their motto “Funding the undiscovered, creating the extraordinary, impacting the world”. Sounds awesome!

Podcast: In case you missed the first edition of the EU-Startups Podcast, featuring 30 promising startups from across Europe, check it out now! 🙂 The 2nd episode will go live on Friday of next week with a very special guest. 🙂