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Part of speech: noun
Origin: Italian, early 19th century

An Italian game similar to lawn bowling but played on a shorter, narrower green.

Examples of Bocce in a sentence

“Our favorite family activity is playing bocce during the summer.”

“The bar is small inside, but there is plenty of space to play bocce outside.”

Did you know…… that today is Chocolate Day?

Did you know…

… that today is Chocolate Day? (What? You mean it’s not every day?!) Chocolate was first introduced into Europe in 1550. The drink was a high-status beverage, as the cacao seeds were a very expensive import, but today, we can all indulge in our favorite food! 😉



Seas the Day: via PNUTs

Seas the Day

(AFP Contributor via Getty Images)

  • Two US Navy aircraft carriers, the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan, are in the South China Sea, where, according to a Navy statement, they “conducted several tactical exercises designed to maximize air defense capabilities, and extend the reach of long-range precision maritime strikes from carrier-based aircraft.”
  • It’s the first time two US carriers have operated together in the location since 2014, and the latest show of military might from Washington as it pushes back against China’s sweeping claim to much of the contested region. The carriers arrived just as China was wrapping up its own set of naval exercises near the Paracel Islands, known in China as the Xisha, a chain also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan.
  • The timing of the US arrival wasn’t lost on Beijing’s state media, which carried reports boasting of the country’s readiness to repel any American attempt to challenge its claims. US-China relations have continued to deteriorate this year.
  • Meanwhile, Washington has steadily increased its operations in the South China Sea, including staging Freedom of Navigation operations close to Chinese-held islands, performing overflights by Air Force heavy bombers, and conducting joint naval operations with partners such as Japan and Singapore. (CNN)
  • How China’s Communist Party has used US protests to its advantage (SupChina) & Beijing detains one of Xi Jinping’s most prominent critics (SupChina) Daily Pnut is fond of SupChina and believes it is the very best publication when it comes to covering news from China. SupChina is a USA based company that provides a thoughtful-nuanced-balanced-factful-honest view of what is happening in China. Full disclosure, Daily Pnut’s Tim is on their advisory board.

Beijing Gets FaceBlocked: PNUTs Newsletter

Beijing Gets FaceBlocked

  • In a rare public questioning of Chinese policy, Facebook announced Monday that it is temporarily suspending Beijing’s requests for user data in order to review the government’s sweeping new national security law targeting Hong Kong. The company said its assessment of the law, which has already been used to arrest people calling for Hong Kong’s independence, will include human rights considerations.
  • Facebook’s decision raises questions about how the security law will be applied online in Hong Kong, where the internet is not censored like it is in the rest of China. Google and Twitter have also paused processing data requests from Hong Kong authorities, and the popular messaging app Telegram said it would suspend the provision of user data until a consensus was reached on the new law.
  • After Facebook’s announcement, Hong Kong officials released new rules giving the police powers to take down internet posts and punish internet companies that do not comply with data requests. (NYT)
  • Daily Pnut commentary: welcome to the nationalization-balkanization of the internet. Increasingly the internet is being regulated and countries are bending the internet’s laws to fit their national goals. Facebook is out of control. If it were a country it would be North Korea (Guardian)
  • Additional reference: Splinternet (Wikipedia)
  • Exclusive: TikTok says it will exit Hong Kong market within days (Reuters)
  • Pompeo says U.S. looking at banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok (Reuters)

Seasoned Nuts Quotable via PNUTs Newsletter


“All the evidence of history suggests that man is indeed a rational animal, but with a near-infinite capacity for folly. . . . He draws blueprints for Utopia, but never quite gets it built. In the end he plugs away obstinately with the only building material really ever at hand–his own part comic, part tragic, part cussed, but part glorious nature.”

“I want to say, and this is very important: in the end, we lucked out. It was luck that prevented nuclear war. We came that close to nuclear war at the end. Rational individuals: Kennedy was rational; Khrushchev was rational; Castro was rational. Rational individuals came that close to the total destruction of their societies. And that danger exists today.” [Additional read: Bill Perry Is Terrified. Why Aren’t You? How an 89-year-old cold warrior became America’s nuclear conscience. (Politico)]

“Rationality will not save us.”

“Be prepared to re-examine your reasoning”

― Robert S. McNamara

Ethical Alliance Daily News

Ethical Alliance Daily News

United Kingdom: Britain’s Boohoo vows to ditch unscrupulous suppliers as shares hammered
Jul 07, 2020 06:00 pm
British online fashion retailer Boohoo will end relationships with any supplier found to have breached its code of conduct, it said on Monday following a media report about dire working conditions in one English factory. Boohoo shares slumped more than 23% after The Sunday Times newspaper said workers in a
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Portugal: Portuguese judge suspends EDP boss in corruption probe, CFO named interim head
Jul 07, 2020 05:30 pm
A Lisbon judge ordered the chief executive of EDP-Energias de Portugal, Antonio Mexia, to be suspended along with the CEO of subsidiary EDP Renovaveis as part of a corruption investigation, a source familiar with the decision said. The ruling was reported by news website ECO earlier on Monday. Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade,
Read More  

United States: U.S. charges sons of ex-Panama president with bribery, money laundering
Jul 07, 2020 05:00 pm
U.S. prosecutors have charged two sons of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli in connection with bribery and money laundering tied to Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, according to a federal complaint unsealed on Monday. Luis Enrique Martinelli and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli were arrested in Guatemala City earlier in the day, Guatemala
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United Kingdom: Britain imposes sanctions on Russians, including top investigator, Saudis over rights
Jul 07, 2020 04:30 pm
Britain imposed sanctions on 25 Russians and 20 Saudis on Monday as part of post-Brexit measures foreign minister Dominic Raab said were aimed at stopping the laundering of “blood money”. After leaving the European Union in January, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to forge a new independent role for Britain
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United Kingdom: U.K. Agency Under Fire for Past Involvement With Airbus Deals
Jul 07, 2020 04:30 pm
A British government agency has been criticized by an anti-corruption group for providing at least 340 million-pounds ($425 million) of support to Airbus SE and engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc to help secure suspect contracts. U.K. Export Finance backed deals from the two companies that were later found to have
Read More  

Nigeria: Nigerian Presidency Summons Anti-Graft Chief Over Asset Sales
Jul 07, 2020 03:30 pm
Nigeria’s presidency summoned the head of the nation’s anti-corruption body to discuss the sale of seized assets. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission acting Chairman Ibrahim Magu attended the meeting after receiving an invitation from a presidential panel while en route to another meeting, the agency said Monday in an emailed
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