Startup Professionals Musings: 7 Ways Entrepreneurs With Great Ideas Must Follow Up

via Startup Professionals Musings: 7 Ways Entrepreneurs With Great Ideas Must Follow Up

Ethical Alliance Daily News

Ethical Alliance Daily News

Switzerland: Swiss to vote on companies’ global liability for rights abuses
Jun 05, 2020 06:00 pm
Swiss voters look set to get the final say on whether Swiss-based companies should be liable for human rights abuses and environmental violations in operations even outside Switzerland. As consumers care increasingly about whether products they buy harm the environment or exploit child labour, Swiss politicians are under pressure to
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Singapore: Marina Bay Sands casino under probe in S’pore and US: Report
Jun 05, 2020 05:30 pm
The Singapore casino of billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp is being probed by the US Department of Justice over whether anti-money laundering regulations were breached in the way it handled the accounts of top gamblers. The Justice Department in January issued a grand jury subpoena to a former
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South Korea: South Korea seeks arrest of Samsung heir Lee in succession probe
Jun 05, 2020 05:00 pm
South Korean prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for Samsung Group heir Jay Y. Lee, they said on Thursday, in the investigation of a 2015 merger and alleged accounting fraud in a suspected bid to aid his succession plans. The move spells fresh trouble for Lee, who, if arrested, stands
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Italy: Former Italian senator accused of extorting cash
Jun 05, 2020 04:30 pm
A former politician who took a €3 million bribe to bring Silvio Berlusconi back into power has been arrested and accused of extorting money from migrant business owners. Sergio De Gregorio, 59, faced allegations that he was part of a gang that threatened to extort €80,000 from a Bangladeshi café
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South Africa: Top South African Police Officers Arrested in Graft Crackdown
Jun 05, 2020 04:00 pm
South African authorities arrested 15 people, including six senior police officers, for allegedly defrauding the state in one of the most high-profile crackdowns seen since President Cyril Ramaphosa took office in 2018 and set about revamping the law enforcement services. Those detained in a pre-dawn raid by an anti-graft squad
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World: Weightlifting: Federation plagued by decades of corruption, says investigation
Jun 05, 2020 03:30 pm
The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) was plagued by decades of corruption orchestrated by autocratic former president Tamas Ajan, said Richard McLaren after he led an independent investigation into the governing body. McLaren, the Canadian law professor whose findings in July 2016 led to Russia being banned from all international athletic
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The Future Is Outside. Get Out There.

5 JUNE 2020


Experts: Protests Unlikely to Cause Huge Wave of COVID Cases

Thousands of protests have taken to the streets, largely in the United States but also across the world, to protest police brutality and systemic racism in law enforcement.

While many protesters have adhered to social distancing measures and the majority are wearing masks, health officials have raised concerns about whether the demonstrations could trigger a second wave of coronavirus cases, especially in larger cities like New York.

But not everybody agrees that protesters are at high risk of spreading the deadly virus.



ONEElon Musk Calls To “Break Up Amazon”


TWOAir Force Pilots Are About to Do Battle With Autonomous Drones


THREEGoogle: Foreign Hackers Targeting Both Trump and Biden Campaigns



NASA and SpaceX Employees Reportedly Furious at Trump Admin

A new petition, signed by thousands of people, is calling for U.S. President Donald Trump to stop taking credit for SpaceX and NASA accomplishments. The petition was created in response to a recent “Make Space Great Again” video released by Trump’s reelection campaign, which included footage of SpaceX’s recent successful launch of two NASA astronauts.

“This campaign video, created on June 3rd, implies that the return of crewed launch on U.S. soil is solely to the credit of his Administration,” reads the petition.



“ When they are fired at close range, the levels of lethality… are similar to those of live ammunition. are similar to those of live ammunition. 

Find the right sequence for these sentences

  1. It was at that moment that he learned there are certain parts of the body that you should never Nair.
  2. He was so preoccupied with whether or not he could that he failed to stop to consider if he should.
  3. Fluffy pink unicorns are a popular status symbol among macho men.
  4. I love bacon, beer, birds, and baboons.
  5. I just wanted to tell you I could see the love you have for your child by the way you look at her.

Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is Bob Zimmerman Graduation Day? In 1959, Bob Zimmerman graduated from high school in Hibbing, Minnesota. And who is Bob Zimmerman you might ask? You probably know him best as Bob Dylan, the American musician, singer-songwriter, artist, and writer!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“You can’t change all that is wrong in this great big world, but you can have an impact, even if it is just a tiny, positive impact on a stranger that receives a smile from you on the street today. There’s so much we can do for others, and in the end, what we do for others ends up benefiting us tenfold. So, let’s do this. Let’s make our little worlds amazing today.”

— Craig Ballantyne