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Thanks to COVID-19, many of us are getting our first taste of telemedicine’s ease and convenience. Why take hours off work to go to the doctor’s office when you could have a video call and save the trip?
In the next 5 years, telemedicine could finally become an essential part of how we think about healthcare. But this goes beyond just having a doctor’s appointment via your laptop or phone. “[Telehealth] is going to be for everything, so that’s the corner that we’re turning right now,” says Dr. Roy Schoenberg, the founder of American Well.
That means that we’ll likely start to see the ubiquity of connected medical tools, so that you can send real-time data about your vitals directly to your doc. Right now, startups are building remote healthcare kits, where you might go to a convenient clinic at your school or workplace to take some diagnostic tests. Apps that can use sophisticated machine learning and computer vision to provide medical grade data about your health are on the way. AI will be able to automatically comb through this abundance of data and find abnormalities. It’s a bright future—as long as people have strong enough internet access to take advantage of it. Read more.