Today’s Inspirational Quote:

Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are plenty of people willing to do that for you. Love yourself and be proud of everything that you do. Even mistakes mean you’re trying.”

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You may have seen the miracle sudoku video that spread this week–a good sort of virus, one based on an idea. About half a million people have watched Simon spend nearly half an hour solving a puzzle. No anger, no violence, no innuendo. Merely applied thinking about numbers.

How did it spread?

There are millions of people who aren’t doing important medical research, creating (or solving) fascinating puzzles or writing breakthrough Broadway shows–but who are eager to find and amplify these ideas.

Culture is created by these amplifiers.

“People like us talk about things like this.” A good idea isn’t worth much if it doesn’t reach people who can benefit from it.

Instead of the quack doctor who goes on TV in a craven attempt to be famous at any cost, they’re willing to be the patient, thoughtful doctor who reads the research and shares useful information, even if the ratings aren’t as high. This is the long-term influencer who earns the trust of a small circle of people. Mostly, it’s people who care enough to model the behavior they’d like to see from those around them.

Three days ago, Google once again used its monopoly power and opaque methods to shut down a much-beloved podcast app for ridiculous reasons. Only the outcry from smart-adjacent voices got them to back down. We get what we talk about and we talk about what we pay attention to.

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Thanks to COVID-19, many of us are getting our first taste of telemedicine’s ease and convenience. Why take hours off work to go to the doctor’s office when you could have a video call and save the trip?
In the next 5 years, telemedicine could finally become an essential part of how we think about healthcare. But this goes beyond just having a doctor’s appointment via your laptop or phone. “[Telehealth] is going to be for everything, so that’s the corner that we’re turning right now,” says Dr. Roy Schoenberg, the founder of American Well.
That means that we’ll likely start to see the ubiquity of connected medical tools, so that you can send real-time data about your vitals directly to your doc. Right now, startups are building remote healthcare kits, where you might go to a convenient clinic at your school or workplace to take some diagnostic tests. Apps that can use sophisticated machine learning and computer vision to provide medical grade data about your health are on the way. AI will be able to automatically comb through this abundance of data and find abnormalities. It’s a bright future—as long as people have strong enough internet access to take advantage of it. Read more.

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Know Now
• Supreme Court Grants Trump Request, Blocks Congress From Mueller Materials

• Record-Breaking 100,000 Global New Covid-19 Cases In One Day

• At Least 54,000 U.S. Deaths Could Have Been Avoided If Lockdown Came Two Weeks Earlier

• Cyclone Amphan Slams Into India And Bangladesh As Millions Attempt To Escape

• Donald Trump’s Campaign Raised $16.9 Million In April
Top Take-Aways
All 50 U.S. states have now partially reopened after weeks of strict restrictions on businesses and keeping people at home. Vast variations remain for how states are choosing to open up—and why they might reclose.

Apple and Google just released software
 that will allow public health agencies around the world to build their own apps to track who may have been exposed to Covid-19 using Bluetooth signals, with Alabama, North Dakota and South Carolina the first U.S. states to sign on.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is requiring its convention delegates to sign a social media agreement that includes barring delegates from making negative statements about other candidates, campaigns and supporters, as well as journalists and media outlets.

Victoria’s Secret is closing
 250 U.S. and Canadian stores as sales plummet due to the coronavirus. Even before the pandemic, the retailer was facing challenges, its core image called into question as brands that prioritize size inclusivity became more popular. 

MasterClass just raised $100 million
 to produce more celebrity edutainment with courses by Serena Williams and Natalie Portman. “It’s Hollywood meets Harvard,” says one investor.

Kendall Jenner has settled a Fyre Festival
 Instagram post lawsuit for $90,000. Jenner was allegedly paid $250,000 to promote the festival in a single, now-deleted Instagram post, along with an additional $25,000 a few days after the post went live.
Today’s Must-Read
According to an exclusive Forbes investigation, businesses in the S&P 500 Index nearly tripled their net debt over the past decade, adding some $2.5 trillion in leverage to their balance sheets. The analysis shows that for every dollar of revenue growth over the past decade, the companies added almost a dollar of debt.

But as the coronavirus pandemic cripples commerce worldwide, American corporations face a grim reality: Revenues have evaporated, but their crushing debt isn’t going anywhere.

“Before Covid-19 ground the U.S. economy to a standstill, we were at work studying an alarming trend across Corporate America,” notes editors Antoine Gara and Nathan Vardi. “The 10-year expansion that ended with covid had yielded a giant corporate debt binge reaching into the trillions of dollars.” The epicenter was many of America’s largest and most iconic companies, from Boeing, to McDonald’s, General Motors and AT&T.

It’s one of the reasons the Federal Reserve and Treasury have aimed $750 billion of relief at corporate debt markets, including speculative areas like companies that have recently been downgraded to junk, says Gara. “The Fed’s unprecedented actions have helped unlock the bond market, which shattered records for new debt deals in March and April, in deals that kept many companies afloat.”

The only problem? So far, the cure to the debt addiction is just more debt. Read our full investigation here.
Caroline Howardis the director of editorial operations at Forbes
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Forbes Advisor: How much of your nest egg can you spend each year without running out of money in retirement? The answer is a simple formula that starts at 4%.
    ForbesWomenFrom Entry-Level To C-Suite: Meet FedEx Custom Critical’s First African-American Woman CEO 29 years ago, Ramona Hood was a single mother searching for a consistent day job to support herself and her six-week-old daughter, while simultaneously taking night classes. From her start as a receptionist, Hood quickly moved up the corporate ladder, holding various executive leadership positions at FedEx Custom Critical and FedEx Supply Chain.

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    VIDEO: SMALL BUSINESSSheryl Sandberg On The Pandemic’s Threat To Small Business And Facebook’s Latest Product According to Facebook’s State of Small Business report, 31% of small businesses and 52% of personal businesses have stopped operating as a result of the crisis. Now, the company is launching Facebook Shops, an ecommerce product that allows businesses to set up online “storefronts” on Facebook and Instagram.Watch 

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Greetings from the Forbes CMO Network,

Despite the upcoming holiday weekend, most of us probably aren’t going anywhere and travel marketers have been expecting about as much. According to an analysis by MediaRadar, programmatic ad spending by the travel industry was down 79% month-over-month in April while automotive spending was down 40%. However, not all categories were down: Industries like education, technology, and cosmetics were all up more than 35%. (The top five spenders? Slack, Electronic Arts, GrubHub, Bank of America, and Facebook.)

Just because people aren’t going on vacation doesn’t mean people aren’t leaving the house. To help brands, agencies, and even governments quantify movement in various cities, Foursquare has a new Recovery Index that uses the company’s location data to show foot traffic based on state, date, and category to see where there are new upticks since the slowdown began.

Speaking of other things on the move, it might be worth catching up on some new trends in television. Earlier this week, Roku announced it was adding CoComelon, the world’s most-watched YouTube channel, which marks the first time the hit children’s program has expanded beyond YouTube. The move is worth watching to see whether others that have built a following on Google’s platform also make the jump to streaming platforms to grow their audience. And in other streaming news, Disney’s head of streaming, Kevin Mayer, has been named the new CEO of TikTok. It’s the latest talent-grab by the Chinese-owned social media powerhouse, which also recently named Nick Tran as its new head of marketing for North America. (Tran was previously vice president of brand and culture marketing at Hulu.)

If you have ideas for stories or suggestions for what you’d like to see in this newsletter, please feel free to email us.

Stay well.
Marty SwantCMO Network EditorJenny RooneyCMO Network Chair
   Guest CMO: Carbon’s Dara TresederCMO Newsletter guests share one thought that’s top of mind. Email us your thoughts to be featured as a guest.
To supply medical workers with protective gear during the coronavirus crisis, Carbon, a 3D-printing company, has been collaborating with existing customers like Adidas and the dental production firm Keystone Industries to make face shields to protect health care workers and also nasopharyngeal swabs to increase Covid-19 testing.

Within a week of the Covid-19 shelter-in-place order in Carbon’s home state of California, the company had a virtual event with more than 300 customers and partners to talk about capacity issues and other questions facing various businesses. During the course of the discussions, a number of participants decided to find ways of not just navigating what the crisis meant for their own industries, but also how they could help.

“Looking back, the challenge required thoughtful, empathic, and strategic communications in order to secure buy-in and mobilize,” said Carbon Chief Marketing Officer Dara Treseder. “The guidance and message needed to be clear, concise and inclusive in order to address an important need that we were ready and able to address with the help of our partners. By mobilizing our network of customers and partners we’ve been able to drive innovation and live out our mission in a time of crisis.”
Marketing By The Numbers
29 Years

According to a new report from McKinsey, diversity doesn’t always lead to inclusion. The consulting firm’s annual report, released this week, found that it will take 29 years for U.S. companies to reach gender parity on executives and 24 years for companies in the UK if the rate of progress doesn’t change. However, there’s a business case (along with the moral case) for quickly closing the gap: companies that are in the top quartile for both gender and ethnic diversity are 12% more likely to outperform other companies in the data set.

More Data About First-party Data

While many marketers (especially ad-tech firms) are lamenting the death of third-party cookies, a new report from Boston Consulting Group has more evidence for why brands should own their own data. According to BGC’s survey, first-party data sources can lead to twice the incremental revenue from a single ad placement or other outreach. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is keen to use it. BGC also found that while 90% of marketers said first-party data is important to them, less than a third were “consistently effective” at accessing and integrating data across channels.

CMO vs. CEO Optimism

When it comes to Covid-19 optimism, CMOs and CEOs might be at odds. A recent survey conducted by the consulting firm West Monroe found that 41% of CMOs think their company’s operations will “stabilize” by the third quarter. However, 37% of CEOs don’t think the recovery will come until at least 2021.
Covid-19 Work
As brands release new commercials related to Covid-19, we’ll be highlighting one of our favorites each week.
    NYSE Taps Into The ArchivesBefore the New York Stock Exchange begins to reopen part of its trading floor next week, a new campaign created with The&Partnership looks back at 100 years of weathering crises long before this current pandemic.Watch The Ad Here 
Latest From The CMO Network
As Facebook uses artificial intelligence to moderate Covid-19 misinformation, marketers continue to grapple with how to advertise around the crisis both on and off the platform.

While most marketers are forced to adapt messaging during the current crisis, Spiceology has been quick to adapt its marketing strategy to meet the latest resurgence of home cooking—and might provide a pinch of inspiration for anyone looking to spice up their own efforts.
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    CFOs Plan To Permanently Shift Significant Numbers Of Employees To Work Remotely — SurveyFinance leaders, scouring balance sheets for costs to cut, are considering reducing the need for office space by permanently shifting a portion of employees to working remotely, according to a recent survey.

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 How Your Company Can Drive Positive Culture Change During A Global PandemicForbes met with Culture Amp—a company that collects and assesses employee feedback in order to help organizations improve engagement, retention and performance—about how companies can better understand their organizational culture amidst this global pandemic.

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Many parts of the U.S. are beginning to reopen, and people could be forgiven by thinking the worst of the pandemic is already behind us. But that’s just not true, according to new numbers from the World Health Organization, which reported a record-breaking 100,000 global Covid-19 cases in a 24 hour period this morning, with almost half of those new cases coming from the U.S. According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesys, “we still have a long way to go in this pandemic.”
Leah RosenbaumAssistant Editor, Healthcare & Science
    Pfizer’s Moon ShotPfizer is just one of dozens of companies that is trying to make a new vaccine for the coronavirus, but a few things set them apart: an open checkbook, a unique clinical trial design, and a CEO who is constantly pushing forward.Read The Full Story 
BUSINESSFacebook is letting a limited number of workers come back in early July, but says it will have many social distancing measures in place.

Many struggling businesses around the country have pivoted to producing plexiglass, a needed material for office reopenings.

A new stimulus package gives relief to federal student loan borrowers; here’s what you need to know.

Apple and Google’s contact tracing app services will debut in Alabama, North Dakota and South Carolina.
    Creating Immunity PassportsSeveral facial recognition companies are pitching the U.S. and U.K. governments on apps that can give the all-clear to people with Covid-19 immunity.Read The Full Story 
SCIENCE & HEALTHAs businesses start reopening, it’s important to know which places are safe to visit. Here are 10 indoor places that you should avoid.

The coronavirus lockdowns have been stressful for parents, but many of them have been enjoying more family time with their kids.

Coronavirus symptoms are showing up differently in certain parts of China, doctors say.

Robots are providing a needed assist in the response to the pandemic.
    Avoiding The Second WavePublic health policy expert Dr. Anand Parekh warns that the “new normal” will likely include a recurring pattern of implementing and lifting social distancing interventions.Read The Full Story 
ON THE UPSIDECO2 emissions down: Daily carbon emissions have plummeted since Covid-19 lockdowns took effect, although experts aren’t sure how long the effect will last.

As the Ancient Greeks knew, frankness is an essential virtue | Psyche Ideas

Why a Jackson Pollock masterpiece became an Australian tabloid sensation | Aeon Videos


Part of speech: adjective
Origin: Greek, mid-19th century

Relating to or resulting from motion.


(of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.

Examples of Kinetic in a sentence

“The garden was designed with a large kinetic water fountain as the centerpiece.”

“The museum featured a breathtaking display of kinetic art for the spring showcase.”

20. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialog and Development – 21st May

20. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialog and Development – 21st May

Cultural Diversity Content Marketing Opportunities

This day is celebrated to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to advance the four goals of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Content marketing opportunities:   

  • Listicle idea: X Ways talking can resolve conflict
  • Infographic idea: X Most recognizable elements of Indian culture
  • Video idea: How can art promote the understanding of different cultures?
  • Podcast idea: How can you stay connected to your culture if you live abroad?

Brand campaign that worked:

This video celebrates the cultural diversity of New South Wales in Australia and provides a montage of different cultural activities happening within the state.

19. International Tea Day – 21st May

19. International Tea Day – 21st May

Tea Day

This day is celebrated to foster collective action to implement activities in favor of sustainable production and consumption of tea.

Content marketing opportunities:   

  • Listicle idea: X Additions to elevate your tea
  • Infographic idea: X Delicacies you can make with matcha
  • Video idea: What are the different ways to brew tea?
  • Podcast idea: Why are we so fixated on chai?

Brand campaign that worked:

Have you been making tea wrong your entire life? This video from the BBC offers tips on how to brew the perfect cup of tea.