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Seth Godin Newsletter today

“I’ve dealt with this before”

There’s a huge gulf between earned expertise and strong opinion.

Knowing what others who have come before have done (and having successfully done it yourself) is demonstrably more effective than simply acting as if your opinion matters. Whether you’re dealing a lawsuit, cancer or a sous vide machine, you’re better off talking with someone who has earned their experience.

There’s a reason that there are very few loud amateur locksmiths. Either the lock opens or it doesn’t. Untrained voices tend to reserve their work for endeavors in which the results are either difficult to measure or happen far in the future.


Seasoned Nuts Quotable

“If your contribution has been vital there will always be somebody to pick up where you left off, and that will be your claim to immortality.”

“Our guiding principle was that design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life, necessary for everyone in a civilized society.”

“The mind is like an umbrella. Its most useful when open.”

– Walter Gropius

Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day? It’s a hungry world. Having a vegetable garden helps ease the family food budget and produces healthier food (no harmful chemical insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers). Now this alone is a great reason to start a vegetable garden today!