Of. course, it was a stern, strict uncle who taught me this.

And this was the occasion when I passed 11th Standard and due to government change, curriculum change, I had to go to College – not Junior College.

So this advice accompanied 200 Cigarettes WILLS brand and 12 bottles of Beer (It was only Rs 3.50 per bottle of 650 ml. then).  Of course, it was very expensive for me who had begun to work as labour, part timer etc. to support my mother. and my education.

I was told, Ÿou will go  to college. Me and my brother never passed Matric. You will have  new friends.  You will be tempted to  drink, smoke, take drugs, Whatever….. you young guys of this generation do  these days…. ”

In temptation if you fell for these things – we live in a small town. People will come and tell me that my  nephew smokes, drinks… etc. …. I should be able to tell them I KNOW…. so  Drink, smoke in front  of me, have no shame.  ” I did.  i also followed the advice and kicked the habits at  will.

Mother of course, was unhappy, I had to drink, smoke without her knowledge in college or at jobs.  She had warned me that she’d commit suicide if I came home drunk or she smells cigarette smoke.

I confess, I hid it from my mother and laterr when we were not on good terms actually smoked at home in front of her.  I do regret it then as I regret it now. .