If you arrived here because you’re interested in playing a game of Never Have I Ever, you’ve come to the right place. The Never Have I Ever Questions Generator has hundreds of questions for you to choose from including entertainment, funny, good, for kids, embarrassing, gross, food, rule-breaking, drinking, and dirty. You simply need to choose which of the categories of questions you want to use for your group and then click the button. Once done, a random Never Have I Ever question will appear and the game can begin.

How Do You Play Never Have I Ever?

Playing Never Have I Ever is quite simple, but the results can bring out a lot of fun, laughter and sometimes even shock. In the classic game, one person will say an experience that they have never had. If anyone in the group has done the stated activity, they take a shot or take a drink (this can be modified for the group playing, but it originated as a drinking game). If nobody has done the stated action, then the person who made the Never Have I Ever statement must take the shot or drink (or agreed upon action). If only a single person out of the entire group has done the action, they’re usually required to elaborate and give details about how the action came about. That’s all there is to this game.

What Are the Rules to Never Have I Ever?

Above gives the basic ways on how to play Never Have I Ever, but the Never Have I Ever rules can be easily adjusted to what the entire group agrees upon. One common adjustment is instead of each person coming up with a Never Have I Ever question, the groups uses a Never Have I Ever generator. This often makes the game go more quickly and provides questions that are sure to bring fun and excitement to the game. While it’s common for people in the group to drink when they have done the experience, this isn’t the main point of the game. The main point is to learn more about the people in the group, so whatever action the person takes to indicate they have had the experience can be negotiated among the group.

How Many People Can Play Never Have I Ever?

You need a minimum of two people to play Never Have I Ever, but it’s more common to play the game in groups of four or more. That being said, if you want to get to know someone one on one much better, suggesting to play Never Have I Ever can be an excellent way to quickly learn a lot about the other person in a fun and interesting way. There is no limit to the number of people that can play although it can get a bit unwieldy with quite large groups and it may make sense to break a large group into several smaller groups.


  1. Never have I ever accidentally sent a sexy email to the wrong person.
  2. Never have I ever created a Facebook account.
  3. Never have I ever watched a Hallmark movie.
  4. Never have I ever have I been to Las Vegas.
  5. Never have I ever watched the Grammy Awards.
  6. Never have I ever tried a Youtube challenge and failed miserably.
  7. Never have I ever been to Disney World.
  8. Never have I ever tried cutting my friend’s hair.
  9. Never have I ever had to spit out food because it tasted so bad.
  10. Never have I ever gone on a famous person tour.
  11. Never have I ever gone down the rabbit hole while on the Internet.