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Keep it simple

There’s one big positive in this crisis.

At home, we’re sweating like crazy. And our streets are packed with runners. Pay careful attention to your social media feeds and you’ll find keeping fit has never been more fashionable.

There’s a lot of talk of inequality. But when it comes to keeping fit under lockdown, the internet really is the great leveller. Millions of us have discovered the simple joys of yoga, running and bodyweight exercises all without the need of an expensive gym membership.

Cynics might call it a fad. It’s not. The online fitness boom is here to stay.

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5 things we learned

Bill Gates donated more than Australia, Norway and Spain. When it comes to funding vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus, if the Gates foundation were a country, it would be ranked 7th in the world, putting a lot of nations to shame.

Amazon had a $13m order from the US Government. Probably the biggest Amazon haul of all time, Uncle Sam snapped up a bumper order of thermometers, ready for lockdown to end.

A new law could change who really ‘owns’ your iPhone. More of us are using mobile payments than ever. But what happens when your iPhone doesn’t support your card? German lawmakers locked horns with Apple this week.

Champagne sales went flat. Fizz slumped by up to 70% while Brits switched to beer sending sales surging. At the same time French beer makers are destroying 10m liters of beer. If only there was a easy way for the two countries to trade freely….

‘Book now, decide later’ is the next big trend in travel. Thanks to new flexible cancellation policies, there’s never been a better time to bag a holiday bargain. See you on the beach.

The good

World cities are becoming bike-first. First Paris, then Milan, and now London. Temporary bike routes are springing up in record time to meet demand as Europeans return to work. The best news: city leaders hope to make them permanent.

The bad

Richard Branson’s annus horribilis. After failing to secure funding his airline Virgin Atlantic cut 3,000 jobsBritish Airways and Norwegian also had a challenging week.

Events will be back soon

Our regular “Do this” section is on hold. Stay safe and wash your hands.


Planes without passengers can be profitable. Conditions are brutal for airlines, but there is one silver lining: smart carriers have moved fast and found a lucrative opportunity moving testing kits, masks and gloves from Asia. Wendover Productions, Free to watch worldwide.


Be kinder to yourself. This 13 minute lesson on self-compassion will give you a much-needed boost during life under lockdown. Recommended. Checking in With Susan David, Free to Listen Worldwide.


Drink better wine. The secret’s out…we’re drinking our way through lockdown. Ever wanted to know more about what’s in your glass? Vivino is the smart way to learn more at your own pace. Free to download on iOS and Android.


Join the world’s biggest virtual book festivalThe Big Book Weekend is a fabulous mashup of cancelled events brought back to life into a three day festival for all book lovers. Free to attend worldwide.