👋 Hey Failories – A lot of new great stuff today! But before…

You’ve probably received tons of emails from companies talking about how they are approaching COVID-19. On my side, I just hope you all remain healthy and in a safe environment.

We’re all facing the same mental and physical concerns (and it’s just beginning here in Argentina, with just 150 infected people!). So you know – if you need anything anytime, please send me an email!

Now, let’s get into this week’s content:

Making $1,000,000 a year from a cold email SaaS

Guillaume felt frustrated with the cold email tools in the market, so he decided to build one himself. The key differentiator would be the combination of personalization (on text and images) and email. Through cold outreach, promotions on communities and a huge AppSumo launch, the 3 founders have grown the tool to $1M in ARR.

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AD: Take CTRL of The Game

There are no second chances when it comes to your business. Grow with less hassle, risk, and cost with campaign strategy and execution from a plug-in growth marketing team.
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$3k invested, 2 years gone and a HR SaaS no one needed

When reading the Lean Startup book, Sergio came up with an idea he wanted to validate: a SaaS to help teams to perform at a higher level. The validation was done successfully, but since then, mistakes related to technology, founding team and listening to customers, meant its shut down 2 years later.

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AD: We maintain your WordPress website so you don’t have to.

24/7 fast and easy support, backups, data recovery, theme and plugin updates, optimal site security, unlimited fixes and custom development! We have a solution to any WordPress problem. Choose the maintenance plan that works for you and your website.
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$40-$70 OFF finishing in 11 days

For these 11 missing days of March, I’m offering consultation services with a discount of $40 on the 1-hour consultation and $70 on the 3-hour package. I’ve had 3 calls in these last weeks and the feedback has been all positive so will keep working on this in the future!

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