The Coronavirus Is Now Tanking the Stock Markets

via The Coronavirus Is Now Tanking the Stock Markets

Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is Let’s All Eat Right Day? Celebrate the birthday of nutritionist Adelle Davis, who was famous for advocating healthy eating, especially via her bestselling book, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.”


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.”

— Muhammad Ali

Random phrases of the Day

  1. Every Cloud Has a Silver LiningMeaning: To be optimistic, even in difficullt times.
  2. Tug of WarMeaning: It can refer to the popular rope pulling game or it can mean a struggle for authority.
  3. You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New TricksMeaning: It can be challenging to teach a person something new.
  4. What Am I, Chopped Liver?Meaning: A rhetorical question used by a person who feels they are being given less consideration than someone else.
  5. Ride Him, Cowboy!Meaning: A cheer people yell, usually at rodeos when cowboys are clinging to the backs of untamed horses.

Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Write a list of what you are grateful for RIGHT NOW and share with friends, friends and/or coworkers to promote an attitude of gratitude
  2. Offer to baby-sit for a single mom
  3. Say “thank you” to someone who made a difference… send a card to people who dedicate their lives to helping us – soldiers, police officers, fire fighters and teachers to name a few
  4. Read a good book recently? Pass it on to someone else
  5. Put a surprise note or sketch in with your spouse’s or kid’s lunch

The Speaker and the KeyNote

The Speaker and the KeyNote

Rhyming Couplet Ideas by jay

See the flying of the Speaker,
I think he’s angry at the shrieker.

He finds it hard to see the scorpion,
Overshadowed by the agreeable morpion.

Who is that wallowing near the net?
I think she’d like to eat the inset.

She is but a perfect KeyNote,
Admired as she sits upon a capote.

Her deadpan car is just a bird,
It needs no gas, it runs on watchword.

She’s not alone she brings a biscuit,
a pet seal, and lots of brisket.

The seal likes to chase a tissue,
Especially one that’s in the issue.

The Speaker shudders at the brainy fox
He want to leave but she wants the cox.

Writing Prompts

  • Perfect RecipeWrite about events that created a perfect disaster.
  • Sound of ThunderA loud rumble is heard in the distance. What does it foretell?
  • Dancing ShoesWhat type of dancing shoes does your character have on and what music are they listening to?
  • Abandoned BeautyA place that became beautiful because it was abandoned.
  • Telephone TagTwo people who never seem able to get together.
  • Convenience StoreWhat’s the importance of convenience?

Via Basic Bananas Newsletter

5 Steps To Increase Your Cash Flow 

Who doesn’t need a little extra cash? 
Many business owners find it hard to recognise ways to generate more profit, often leaving money on the table.
Luckily, there are tried and tested ways to make any business more profitable.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get on top of your cashflow. 

1. Attract more customers⁠ 

How can you attract more customers through marketing? Look at your marketing for the next 30 days and write down what’s working and what’s not working. Then ramp up the strategies that have been getting you good results!⁠ ⁠

2. Increase the frequency of purchase per customer ⁠

How can you get your customers to come back more often, or refer other people to you? Think about how you can motivate your customers to purchase again and tell their friends about you.

3. Increase average spend per customer ⁠

How can you increase the average spend per customer?
Look at your products and services and see if you can create packages or bundles to add more value and increase the average spend per customer. ⁠ ⁠

4. Increase your prices

Can you add more value and hence increase your prices?
A lot of small businesses often undercharge for their products or services. Look at your offering and write down ideas on how you can add more value, in order to also charge more. There has to be a fair value exchange. ⁠ ⁠

5. Decrease your operating expenses ⁠

Where can you reduce your spending? For the next 30 days, keep a really close eye on every single cent that is going out. There might be things you’ll find that you don’t need or that you’re getting overcharged for.⁠

The Sandy Stranger At Fleece – A Narrative Poem

The Sandy Stranger At Fleece – A Narrative Poem

by jay

One day at a book shop,
I met a man selling lighter,
For money he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some copywriter.

“Got any copywriter?” asked I.
“For that’s how I’ll spend my money.”
“No copywriter here!” said the guy.
He seemed to find it quite funny.

“We’ve got some lovely pen,
I’ll give you a very fine price.”
“I’d rather have some cnn.”
The man blinked rapidly thrice.

The man seemed exceptionally brainy,
And his manner was strangely amused.
He wasn’t what I would call zany,
Great disdain he noticeably oozed.

Like others, he thought I was odd,
Some say I’m a bit sandy.
Still he gave me a courteous nod,
As if he thought I was plenty handy.

So in search of my goal I departed,
But before the book shop could I leave,
The man came running full-hearted,
“I can help you I believe.”

“Lighter, copywriter, you shall find.
Pen, cnn, you can get.
You must now open your mind,
And get down to Fleece Market.

So to Fleece Market I decided to go,
In search of the copywriter I craved.
The winds it did eerily blow.
But I felt that the day could be saved.

There were stalls selling rings,
Swaggers in many shades.
There were even stalls selling wings
People were scattered from many trades

I was greeted by a peculiar lady,
She seemed to be rather sandy
I couldn’t help thinking she might be quite shady.
I wondered if she was at all handy.

Before I could open my mouth,
She shouted, “For you, I have some copywriter!”
I headed towards her, to the south,
Past some pen and lighter.

“But how did you know?” I asked,
“Do you want them or not?” she did say.
Silently, the copywriter she passed.
Then vanished before I could pay.

As I walked away I hard a crackle
Or was it, perhaps, a hushed cackle?

Wisdom Quotes

Even if you’re on the right path, you’ll get nowhere if you stand still.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. (Will Rogers)

It’s the things and people someone loves that tells you who they are.
The things that we love tell us what we are. (Thomas Aquinas)