BETTER, STILL BETTER – my Signature Speech

Is based on 6A’s in my Signature.

Which ones?

“An artist is he for whom the goal and center of life is to form his mind.”

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I begin with STRENGTHS in Mind.  I do believe that one can BECOME STRONGEST in one’s Weakest Spot.  I am a believer in enhancing and capitalising Strengths by making them Better, Still Better.

So I begin by Identifying the Strengths.  A great tool is from Gallup University publication by Marcus Buckingham and Tom Rath – “Strengths Finder” . where they identify 34 Strength Themes available within each of us.

I focus on Overt and Latent Strengths.  While working to help make Overt Strengths better, I look at making Latent strengths, hidden talent/ strengths STILL BETTER.

APPRECIATIVE Enquiry is my first tool and I use it very often.