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You didn’t choose to come into this world, says the text across the middle, but you can choose how you leave.

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  1. I believe this would attract a variety of responses. We all have different Faith’s (or follow no faith/religion), our life experiences are different and we each approach life with the certainty of it ending different. As a Christian with a personal relationship with God; I would choose to leave the way that the Prophet Elijah left (God sent a chariot and he left alive 🙂). As far as someone taking their own life …you are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of that choice. We each have our own paths to follow. For me I say, send the chariot!😌🙂✌️

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    1. Yes, the responses will vary. IMHO, while I respect all the faiths and religions – my only point of sharing this article was – We are all born without a religion, with no baggage and are blessed to be born in to our parents, who follow a certain path, a religion, a faith. To me, these are ways to reach God/No God (for the atheist) and I thought I would ask how many will wish to have death – like we were born (with no religion) or go with the Samskaras (culture, upbringing, personality development, religious/spritual experiences) and choose the way, we should choose death. Of course, I realise we do not have a say in the matter – sometimes the courts do(for criminals), sometimes the governments do (wars, famine, disease) but mostly for the fortunate among us it is God’s wish. A miniscule percentile may have to be admninistered Euthanasia but that’s their choice? I thought the article was provoking thought and sharing was to get the conversation going rather than promoting/demoting – Respecting each viewpoint. Thank you very much for your well articulated comment. Most appreciated. Warm regards. Jay

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