via Technology helps, but not enough cops to manage Bengaluru’s traffic: Former police chief | | Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

My . takes:

  1. Make Traffic/ Road Safety Management System a subject for
    1. Civil Engineers
    2. IIT
    3. IPS
    4. Administrative Staff College
  2. Awareness required among the Citizens on basics like
    1. Respecting the Zebra LIne and stopping when you see a Human or animal crossing the road
    2. Pedestrial discipline to be taught in . schools.  I have seen children very firmly telling parents not to use Plastic as their “Teachers said so!”
  3. All State and Central Governments need Staffing analysis just as the Corporates do.  Manpower planning, Recruiting, Selecting, Equipping – whether it is Traffic Policemen/ women or others in Government jobs is not just shoddy but it is also the root cause of Corruption as bribes are handed to get these jobs.