via “Comprehensive Mobility Plan ignores environmental impacts, sustainable solutions” | | Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

My take:

While I agree that the Government of Karnataka is not following Ruling Party and PM’s slogan ” SABKA SAATH,  Sabka Vikaas”  I am inclined to say that some of the rhetoric in this essay is lofty thinking with just an eye to be on the committees as experts and delay the processes.

I would have appreciated if the Expert writer here would have suggested


MEASURABLE GOALS DEFINITION – using balanced scorecards, Lag measures clearly defined and Daily/ weekly/ monthly scorecards creation to assist not just the environment, Government but for the entire Humanity which would make use of these facilities.

I strongly feel that Citizen experts should leave ACHIEVABILITY i.e. Feasibility/ viability analysis to the experts in Government as they are not buffoons. I have met several High quality bureaucrats who are not only competent but at times better thinkers and implementers than the Corporates or the self=proclaimed experts of the NGOs.

I agree with the article when it comes to REALITY CHECKS and feel involvement of Citizens, and every one who would like to volunteer for the project “PRO-BONO” . rather than using these NGOs and websites as promo tools for self promotion to be accepted as either government’s paid consultants or politicians of the future.   I appreciate Reality checks and making the planners aware of the things they have missed from a Citizen’s perspective and ensure that C/itizen voices are heard.

Appreciated the TIMEBOUND PLANNING AND FINISHIATIVE NEED, being a drag by raising PILs in courts,  getting stay orders or raising frivolous RTIs to stall important projects is not the answer.