via Kama muta: a new term for that warm, fuzzy feeling we all get | Aeon Ideas

Kama muta is recognisable by six co-occurring features:

  1. It is evoked by the sudden intensification of communal sharing – that is, sudden ‘love’ or kindness;
  2. It is brief (typically less than a minute or two, though it can repeat in rapid succession);
  3. It feels good (though it can occur in the context of other, negative emotions);
  4. When intense, it is often accompanied by the same set of physical sensations: a warm, fuzzy feeling in the centre of the chest; moist eyes or tears; being choked up (a lump in the throat); chills or goosebumps; and often a smile and putting the palm(s) on the chest, sometimes saying ‘Awwww!’;
  5. It motivates devotion and compassion to communal sharing – also known as ‘loving kindness’;
  6. Depending on the language and the context, it is often labelled with the terms mentioned above.