1. Take someone to lunch.
  2. Leave a nice note on someone’s desk.
  3. Buy the next round of drinks at happy hour.
  4. Support someone’s charity or campaign.
  5. Pay for someone else’s coffee.
  6. Compliment someone.
  7. Make someone a playlist.
  8. Bake something and share with a group.
  9. Participate in a fundraiser.
  10. Write a thank you letter to someone who has helped you out.
  11. Be a mentor for someone who needs it.
  12. Hide a love note in someone’s purse or pocket.
  13. Babysit for free.
  14. Do a friend’s pile of laundry.
  15. Send a care package to a soldier.
  16. Help someone with their homework.
  17. Wash someone’s dishes.
  18. Help someone look for a job.
  19. Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.
  20. Read a book to someone.
  21. Make a video to cheer someone up.
  22. Spend time with the elderly.
  23. Leave a funny note on a random car.
  24. Run an errand for someone.
  25. Leave flowers on someone’s doorstep.
  26. Make someone a gratitude journal they can write in.
  27. Join a kindness challenge.
  28. Run or walk for a cause.
  29. Cook a meal for a family with a new baby.
  30. Teach someone how to cook a healthy meal.
  31. Organize a fun family reunion.
  32. Mow your neighbors lawn after mowing your own.