Ego is one of the seven vices (Lust, anger. greed, attachment, ego, Jealousy and hatred) which get developed in human form along with intellect. Ego has to be reduced to zero to attain God –realization.

The state of Egolessness is the state of God realisation. It is impossible to get rid of ego without help of Avatar or Sadguru who are God personified.

Avatar and Sadguru brings out the hidden egoistic sanskaras of His disciples and cuts it to zero in best way suited for him. One has to proceed first to develop egoless ego by dedicating all his thoughts, words and actions to his Sadguru or Avatar.

At appointed time Avatar and Sadguru through obedience of His orders surfaces the ego sanskaras; dries it, burns the heap all dry sanskaras in a flash and imparts instant God Realisation.


[Source- Avatar Meher Baba Center Of Chicago