Daily summarised posts = The End :)

The readership was low.

LIkes were few.

There were no comments.

I shall reduce the number of shared links and posts though, but going back to my old posting routines.

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I have removed over 350 ‘Categories’ that I created over past one year and more and upon review felt, They are the ones which require immediate ‘SHRINK TO GROW’ . my famous theory in management.

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Yesterday was good with Singapore English Online Toastmasters getting its Charter Gavel and authorization from Toastmasters.

I began a new journey in learning thru an ICEBREAKER session of 5min 45 sec. which was evaluated by Peter Ng.  I have chosen the Legacy system Competent Communicator path after completing my 3 Pathways Paths as the two new Mentors I have both felt – I could learn to speak better if I do CC and CL ?(Competent Leadership) Paths without credit and complete the speeches before the sunset date of June 2020.

Going to attend the FORTE 2019 sessions for Contest chairs and Judges for International Speech Contests tomorrow all day at NetApp, Whitefield facility.

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