ia a friend
Tulsidas came to know about a unique behaviour of Rahim. While giving alms to the poor, Rahim gave with extreme humility.While giving, he kept his gaze downwards towards the earth. He never looked at the person he was giving alms to.Tulsidas promptly wrote the following couplet and sent it to Rahim.“ऐसी देनी देंनज्यूँ, कित सीखे हो सैन
जयोंज्यों कर ऊंच्यो करो, त्योंत्यों निचे नैन”“O great person, where have you learnt this amazing way of giving?
As your hands rise (to give), your eyes look down”Completing the couplet which Tulsidas wrote, Rahim replied in extreme humility.His reply shows how evolved Rahim was as a soul.“देनहार कोई और है, भेजत जो दिन रैन
लोग भरम हम पर करे, तासो निचे नैन”“The Giver is someone else (God almighty), giving day and night.
The world has a misconception that I am the giver. So, I lower my eyes in embarrassment.”The festive week is here,
Make it a week and year of giving,
Make it the week of making people smile🕯 *Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to you* 🕯🙏🏼💥