Micro, Red Entrepreneur A Concrete Poem

Micro, Red Entrepreneur

A Concrete Poem

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quite Red
StartUp!                it
StartUp!               like
A StartUp                like
ever so StartUp      StartUp
a     I don’t like the fact that it
like I don’t like the fact that it
like antidisestablishmentarianism                    it
Why are they so cunning?                      all StartUp
Why are they so cunning?                   cough mixture
quite Red ever so Medium                 all StartUp
Scale     quite Capital       at the perfect girl
ever so Micro   decidedly Marketplace
One afternoon I said to myself
whilst watching the ghost
betrayed by the cheese
near the sandcastle
positively StartUp
quite Capital
all StartUp
ever so Medium
quite Capital
quite Capital
ever so Scale
at the perfect girl
near the sandcastle
betrayed by the cheese
Medium     the     like