via Who coined ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’? – The Washington Post

In the past nearly 6 years Modi Government has replaced PEOPLE With . BUSINESS .

It has also shown a way . to the world as to how to kill the Senior Citizens painfully, skillfully and by total ignorance like the famed CHANAKYA SAID” IGNORE TO KILL”.

It ignores the Seniors, veterans and pensioners, Retired people and doubles, triples the pharma, medicine prices to helps its crony businesses.  It makes RBI make monetary supply go higher even . when the INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT Business are flush with RESERVES earning nothing and lying idle.

This government on the name of Population Dividend makes tall claims but does nothing . for Welfare of citizens – the facilities in the cities are bad, the Electricity and power cut situation is worse than in UPA/ Congress rules.

High time to shake up this government and either make it work or let it go.