via WhatsApp Extensively Abused To Spread Rumours, Misinformation During Indian Elections: Research

Interesting research.

Personally, I feel that the OLD Media i.e. Newspapers, Radio, TV and their convergences, hybrids are failing worldwide. Many TV companies in India face bankruptcy.

I saw some journalists with . similar business plan, similar News aggregation Apps going to investors for funding upto 5 Crores. Many of them are Commies, Lutyens, pseudo-Sickulars and the common theme is Anti Hindu, Anti Modi, Anti BJP.  And the number is huge 150 are in market.

Some it is rumored got it first from a Dynast Real Estate baron who wanted to beat RCom and rivals but saw no merit.  But saw great merit in funding Haftakhor journos who could do what they do best – Blackmail and launder Black money into white with gullible?> or pliant Chartered accountants and lawyers.

I saw some doing covert promos via Twitter and TV Panels.  But this strife for control of Social media which has UGC – User Generated Content domination – even after having paid Twitteratti, Facebook groups, TikTok and WhatsApp . group the Khangress and its cronies politicians, journos have failed in taking control of the DIGITAL and social media.