That the IT Capital of India is not on UNINTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY – it has scheduled and unscheduled POWER CUTS whichever party  may be in power.

We had no power, hence no water since 10 in the morning and this apartment complex of 111 flats was running its Genset for 2 out of 4 lifts and we had no clue when power will be restored.

And so did the BESCOM !

Its App did not show any scheduled or unscheduled Power Outage and when I posted on Twitter – I got a response to give my mobile number as if their BOT is going . to call me.   But call I did.  I called 1912 and i was fortunate to find a bilingual lady who responded pleasantly . from call center.  She took all details and said due to a serious fault there was no . power but rest assured, it will be restored in half an hour and she said she is registering the complaint and send me a SMS – clearly she had caller ID active and she did send the message.

The only issue with infamous Bengaluru OUtsourced customer services is that hey follow the Templates RELIGIOUSLY.  So I was sent a message that the electricity will be restored in 5 hour before which I could not escalate the issue.  T?his was NOT WHAT the Kindly spoke!

So I posted this message to the Twitter BOT of BESCOME and as I had copied to the CM and Power MInister of India – I got two simultaneous responses saying that a follow up nudge is sent to the Divisional people.

I went for a walk and instead of 6 pm Electricity came at 640 pm.  Thus, I was unable to post as my laptop battery was also down.

The expectation of India from BJP are very very high and they are struggling atleast in Karnataka to ensure Best quality of Electricity supply to this IT capital.