O.M.P.M. 3 (One-Minute Power Mentoring)


If you have a VC Pitch presentation and you are struggling,

If you are a C-Suite aspirant and have a gut-feel that you will be ‘Off-listed’

if you do not improve your speaking and presentation skills – I shall help you both.

I am Jay Parkhe.

I am a Startup and C-Suite Mentor, An Author, Global Speaker, Toastmaster, and Global Goodwill Ambassador.

I am starting a New YouTube Channel.

It will be a video for about a Minute per day.
There will be one Theme Word or a combination of two words like I chose “Wishful Thinking” day before yesterday.

Today let us go a bit philosophical and discuss the word DEATH

Here, today, it just means TRANSFORMATION!

The word Death does not literally mean death.

It means the death of situations,
relationships, friendships, businesses and so on.

But more importantly,

it means new beginnings.

This is a time of transformation.

Embrace it and move forward

to new and better things.

Your guides and angels want to help you bring this into your experience!

Do what you need to do to help you feel that it is already done! It is already done. Believe it and you will manifest it!

If you would like to interact with me about Mentoring

you can write to me at parkhe@gmail.com

and I shall send you a Free Mini-ebook which will tell

you all about my 11 Key Mentoring Practices I deploy

with my mentees.

Thank you.