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The first piece is an interview with the founder of Flexiple, a Bengaluru-based freelancing platform that connects startups with developers. Everything started after an internship between 3 friends and it has grown, through outreach and side project marketing, to $80k/month.


The two other pieces are short articles explaining why have Vreal, a VR streaming platform, and Utrip, an AI-powered travel planning startup, recently failed.


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$80K/month Connecting Startups with Developers

After working on a tech-related internship, Suvansh and his two friends decided to start testing different business ideas. The first ones failed, but then they launched Flexiple, a freelancing platform that connects startups with developers. This has been grown through cold outreach and side-project marketing up to $80,000/month.

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Quick Read: Why Did Vreal Fail?

Started in 2015, Vreal was a virtual reality startup that enabled users to create avatars and interact with content creators and players on a shared VR space. However, after 4 years, the startup failed. They admitted that they were ahead of their time with a product whose market was never fully developed.

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Quick Read: Why Did Utrip Fail?

Utrip was a travel planning startup that used AI and user recommendations to create highly personalized itineraries for its clients. The costs associated with sales, marketing and keeping the recommendation engine alive was too much for them, which made them be unprofitable and have to shut down.

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