Did you know…

Did you know... ... that today is Elvis Presley Day? In 1956, Tupelo, Mississippi, (Elvis' hometown) declared September 26 as Elvis Presley Day. Elvis' parents watched as he performed two shows at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show in Tupelo, the same fair at which he had performed at age 10. This time there were … Continue reading Did you know…

One-Minute Power Mentoring2 – Jay Parkhe : My Speeches

O.M.P.M. 2 (One-Minute Power Mentoring) Hello. If you have a VC Pitch presentation and you are struggling, If you are a C-Suite aspirant and have a gut-feel that you will be 'Off-listed' if you do not improve your speaking and presentation skills - I shall help you both. I am Jay Parkhe. I am a … Continue reading One-Minute Power Mentoring2 – Jay Parkhe : My Speeches

Forget the past

Forget the past and make the most of the present. Keep your own hearts clean. Learn to love each other first before you tell others about my love for one and all. Give love, receive love, gather love; everything else is dissolved eventually in the truth of divine love. “Let your own life of love … Continue reading Forget the past


All prayers of different religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity have a reference to the Creator. Creation is the greatest mystery with which all creatures, including human beings, are faced. The mystery cannot be unraveled or fulfilled unless and until man consciously becomes united with the Creator and realizes himself as being one with … Continue reading Prayers

My speech at Toastmasters Table Topics: BODY PARTS AS VERBS ✋😁💪🏿👅

Many parts of the body can be used as verbs in either a physical or a metaphorical sense. You can head a company, but if things go wrong you'll have to shoulder the blame, or face your investors. So keep your head while speaking. Shoulder responsibility and maintain a smiling face. A good leader backs … Continue reading My speech at Toastmasters Table Topics: BODY PARTS AS VERBS ✋😁💪🏿👅