My friend from Thailand Online Toastmasters posted this on Facebook “Anusorn Swasdee to Thailand Online Toastmasters Club

Minute of Thailand Online Toastmasters Club meeting #21 on Saturday 21st September 2019, 22:00-23:07 ICT (Bangkok Time).

22:00:06 President, DTM Anusorn, opened the meeting.

22:00:38 Toastmaster of the night, DTM Anusorn explained about the meeting and gave the theme, “Nature.”

22:02:26 AD VPE Samarn gave the word of the day, “sacrify.”

22:06:33 Table Topics master, DTM Anusorn, started impromptu session.

22:24:05 Prepared speeches session started.

22:25:45 1st speaker, DTM Suphot, delivered a speech, about how people sacrify nature.

22:34:36 2nd speaker, TM Jay delivered a speech, Reflection on 2nd path, Presentation Mastery.

22:50:08 General Evaluator, Secretary Trirat, started the evaluation session.

22:51:18 1st personal evaluator and time keeper, DTM Pim, gave the observation.

22:55:32 2nd personal evaluator, AD VPE Samarn, gave the observation.

23:00:05 General Evaluator, Secretary Trirat, gave the observation.

23:03:07 Our guest, TM Jay, gave feedbacks.

23:07:48 President, DTM Anusorn, closed the meeting.

Today, we have 6 members and a guest.

Members: District 84 PQD DTM Pim, AD VPE DL5 CL Samarn Siasakul, Secretary IP3 EH1 Trirat Petchsingh, VPPR TM Sita Khawsuwan, District 97 Network Ambassador DTM Suphot Hutayana, President DTM Anusorn Swasdee

Guest: TM Dhananjay Parkhe from Bangalore, India.

Our agenda:

Our local time for everyone:

Our place of meeting (online):” .

I was delighted to see the mention of my nick name 🙂

More than that the idea of learning Cross-cultures which attracts me to Online clubs and how well they receive you when you visit them as guests is a memorable experience indeed.

Years Ago, on Ecademy social network, I made friends with Dr.Paul Melessen who was ex-Superintendent of Amsterdam Police and become a Cross Cultural Trainer.  It was marvellous, learning experience I had making friends with him.

Last year as I joined Toastmasters – I knew my weakness was AUDIENCE AWARENESS and if I had to be a successful Global Speaker – this is a critical ingredient of creating influence, impact and ease of communication.

While talking at different Toastmasters Online platforms as Table topic speaker, Prepared Speech speaker or a role player as Toastmaster of the day or General evaluator, Speech evaluator, ISC Contest Judge/ Tie breaker judge the difference and my lack of understanding of Audiences became a stark reality.   Great mentors, friendly, hospitable toastmasters helped me along the way as rushed thru few clubs and became a member of two clubs.

Giving a Pathways speech for practice, impromptu and speak for 10-12 minutes /. getting evaluated by a worthy DTM from Thailand and his wonderful feedback ” You don’t have to thank in a Toastmaster pathways speech,  as you lost precious 30 seconds twice which you could have used to share your wonderful message even better.  DTM Tirat Thank you. I shall always remember this while giving Pathways speeches.

We learn with each interaction.  We OBSERVE A LOT just by watching others closely.  I am learning and the Cross cultural learning experience is my take from visits to Toastmast clubs worldwide.