I am feeling Lucky!  It is a matter of coincidence that my Pathways completion received accolades from both – Outgoing and Incoming President.  The delay in change of name on he auto-triggered email got me the outgoing President’s message.  When I posted it on Facebook – I was lucky that the Current International President immediately responded with his kind message.  Thank you.

It feels great to receive the Mail from the International President of “Toastmasters International” . which comes to every Pathways Learner after completion of a Path. I am privileged to receive this a Second time as I complete the 2nd Path – Presentation Mastery. I wish to thank my Mentors – Mathew Bobby Verghese Askander Dtm Sheryl Poirier and Michelle Alba-Lim Kathiravan M Pethi for their kind support and guidance at every step which made this journey most enjoyable. I wish to thank my Most frequent Evaluators DTM Anees Aziz DTM Ramlal Siman CDTM Daniel Pacheco and TM Prakash Tamhankar. My special thanks to the VPE and other wonderful TMs Aaron Leung Dr. Sunny Fridge Tricia Renzi Grow Zulfikhar Akram Premjith Bala.
I did hope to receive the Second email from the new President’s Desk i.e. Mr. Deepak Menon but apparently, the webmaster is yet to update it and I have received this from Lark Doley which is also precious. My grateful thanks to all the Roletakers and fellow toastmasters for being wonderful active listeners. Feedforward and suggestion give by them were most valuable in this journey as I embark on my 3rd Path Engaging Humor. Biggest Thank you is for my beloved wife Madhura Parkhe who with my daughters Radhika Parkhe and Priyanka Parkhe were my internal source of motivation and boosted my confidence at every stage. Thank you all.Lark Doley message on completion of 2nd Path


I . intend to use this knowledge gained to share this with the students of ATL Tinkering Lab students I am mentoring.  The 4th session is Leadership and the 5th one is about communication and Speaking skills.