đź‘‹ Hi Failories! It’s Thursday & there’s new content.


The first piece is an interview with Peter Hrbacik, founder of Mangools, a well-known SEO SaaS that was built a few years ago and has been grown to $250,000/month and 8 employees. It’s kind of a special interview, as Peter has failed and committed many mistakes in the past which have taken him to where he is right now.


The two other pieces are 400-word articles which explain the reasons why Koinex, an Indian cryptocurrency platform, and Call9, an on-demand doctor service app, were shut down early this year.


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Bootstrapping a SaaS to +$250K/month on a Competitive Market

What started as a simple tool to find keywords has turned into a SaaS that makes over $250,000 per month and employs 8 members. This is the story of how an entrepreneur called Peter learned from failures & mistakes and grew a successful business in a highly competitive market.

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Quick Read: Why Did Koinex Fail?

Koinex let users trade well-known cryptocurrencies on a peer to peer basis. It was doing it really well and they were able to raise some money on 2 rounds, from 3 investors. However, the Indian laws got harsh against cryptocurrencies and the big amount of obstacles and little profits led to its shut down.

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Do you want to grow your business? With GenM you can get free marketing from an apprentice as part of their training.

The student will work 40 hours per month for only $49.

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Quick Read: Why Did Call9 Fail?

Call9 was a health startup targeted to patients who needed the urge to speak with a doctor right away about their issues. However, the selection of a bad business model where doctors were paid what the patient wanted, and founder’s inability to achieve growth, led to it’s shut down in early-2019.

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I’ve been working a lot on the project these last few weeks. Some things that have happened:

  • I have lots of new interviews with both failed and successful entrepreneurs.
  • There’s a new website design in progress and a migration from Webflow to WordPress being developed.
  • The equipment for the podcast is being bought and interviews will start to be recorded soon.
  • Organic traffic keeps increasing and it has reached the +1,000 clicks per day.
  • One of Failory’s revenue sources will start to mean more monthly money from now on.