Toastmastery and Mastery in Servitude

Happy to have Speech Studio Toastmasters Club President Mr. John Bosco Abraham kindly doing the honours and handing over the Presentation Mastery Level 4 Certificate and Ribbon to me this evening. It was also a great restart to the speech learning journey with a nearly 22 Minute Special speech of a Professional Speaker and being … Continue reading Toastmastery and Mastery in Servitude


WORD OF THE DAY Hubris hyoo-brəs Part of speech: noun Origin: Greek, 19th century 1 Excessive pride or arrogance 2 Overconfidence leading to an eventual downfall Examples of Hubris in a sentence "His hubris would not allow him to read the instructions. Consequently, his new TV fell off the wall an hour after he installed it." "Some professional athletes … Continue reading WORD OF THE DAY

Random Phrases of the day

On Cloud NineMeaning: Having strong feelings of happiness or satisfaction.  An Arm and a LegMeaning: Something that is extremely expensive. You Can't Judge a Book By Its CoverMeaning: Don't judge someone or something only by the outward appearance.


“Let love annihilate your lower self and reveal My Infinite Self. Let your ears become deaf to delusion to enable you to hear My silent message of Divine Love. Let your eyes become blind to illusion to receive Me as I am. Let your heart open to receive Me in full.” -------AVATAR MEHER BABA [source- … Continue reading Love