Our first formal session “Ideation” was an introduction and opportunity to interact with all the students involved in ATL projects in one go. The program was conducted at SKEI Global School, Vasanth Nagar Bangalore ( AIM-ATL India (Mentor of Change) and Mentor of Change: AIM Selected Mentors (Official)AIM-ATL India (Mentor of Change) and whatsApp group of Mentors were kind enough to share with me their Best Practices and experiences which helped.
To sum up:
“1. All classes from 6th to 10th Standard attended.
2. Total Attendance 250+ students.
3. PowerPoint Presentation on Ideation Process IDEAL/ IDEA and SCAMPER Temchiquest with Pictorials and a thought-provoking video shared with students.
4. This followed by a Mentor Talk and interactive session using the Random Object Input technique of Dr. Edward De Bono with puzzles and attribute listing.

The ATL Center Incharge Chitra Madam iNtroduced the mentor and spoke about the program and ATL initiatives.
The Principal Madam shared a story with students about the Treasure trove and a King which generated lot of interest.

Mentor Notes:
$ Students interaction was the High point of today.
$ Students were very enthusiasticsc inspite of Audio/ Amplifiedr problems and came forward to share their thoughts/ ideas and answers to puzzles.
$ I liked the HUNGER for Knowledge AND THE NEED to get a Pat on their back for their ideas and different thoughts, their different ways of solving puzzles.”