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Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today marks the anniversary of Calendar Adjustment Day? In order to correct the current calendar to match the Gregorian calendar, Great Britain and its colonies adjusted their calendars so that the day following September 2 (the 3rd) became September 14, 1752. Most other countries had made the adjustment in 1582. Gives the expression losing track of time a whole new meaning! 😉


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

— Abraham Lincoln


“Everyone, no matter how depraved, can gradually become better and better until he becomes the best example for all mankind.

There is always hope for everyone; none is utterly lost, and none need despair.

It remains true, however, that the way to divinity lies through the renunciation of evil in favor of good.”


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