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The world didn’t stop turning like I thought it would.
If nothing else, you can ditch these bad habits.
Procrastination has been around since the start of modern civilization.
Darius Foroux in The StartupMember only content4 min read
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I’ve always had a tendency to focus on the negative — I’m trying to change that
Dan Moore in Human PartsMember only content7 min read
Welcome to Vidor, a town most famous for its racism
Justin Ward in Human PartsMember only content11 min read
I’m afraid my family history of cancer will catch up with me — and that dementia will come for my husband
Quick reads
Who you are is your relationship with yourself!
Thomas OppongMember only content4 min read
djemal uaMember only content1 min read
A Poem
Based on your reading history
Fun things you can do with syntax at no extra cost
What’s on the other side of those fears?
Rebeca Ansar in The StartupMember only content4 min read
A poem
From authors you follow
Conspiracy websites already speculating Epstein was about to squeal on senators, princes, presidents and was…
The best and most powerful networking rule is also the most ignored
Nicolas ColeMember only content3 min read
Jump, jump, puddle boy. Jump with your toes straddling all the nuggets of my universe.
Jun Wu in The Partnered PenMember only content1 min read
I don’t dance.
A love poem, a rambling breath, an unsaid
Jenny JusticeMember only content1 min read
Applause from people you follow
And what it took to get there
In his debut GEN column, Drew Magary implores Biden and other moderate Democrats to wake up and smell the…
Drew Magary in GENMember only content6 min read
Because I don’t have a choice
Ben Kassoy in Human PartsMember only content2 min read
Best in Gadgets
Short answer? Yes. Yes, you do.
Angela Lashbrook in OneZeroMember only content6 min read
It’s not as simple as ‘people are the worst’
Angela Lashbrook in OneZeroMember only content7 min read
An increasingly common kind of display has a slight flickering effect that causes some people grief, but…
Angela Lashbrook in OneZeroMember only content6 min read